Accessing Calendar (Instructors)

By default, the Teamie calendar display events from all of your classrooms. However, you can filter the calendar events to view events of certain classrooms.

This article will guide you on how to access your calendar and view its events.

1. Click Sliding menu.

2. Click Calendar.

3. By default, the personal calendar display events of all the classrooms you are associated with.

4. At the top right corner, you will see the To-Dos count. For instance, you can see “2” To-Dos in the following screenshot. This To-dos count indicates that you have two assessment submissions which have not been graded yet.

5. Click Export Calendar to export the events in iCal format so that you can export your Teamie calendar events to your favorite calendar applications, such as,Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook and so on. Please read our help article for more information on how to export Teamie calendar events to other applications.

6. By default, all events types are selected and shown in the calendar. Click All Events Types to filter out certain events type.

7. Untick the checkbox corresponding to an event type to override the default selection and select the required events.

8. You will notice that the moment you un-tick some events types (as shown in the step 7), events of un-ticked events start disappearing automatically from the calendar and you will see the calendar events of the selected event types only.

9. You will see a list of classrooms by clicking the All Calendars drop-down menu.

10. By default, all classrooms are selected. Click Unselect All to override the default selection and select the classrooms as per your choice.

11. To filter the calendar events of any classrooms, tick its corresponding checkbox and un-tick any classroom (if any) whose events you don’t wish to view.

12. If you are a member in more than 10 classrooms then you will see a search box in which you can type in the classroom name to look for that classroom and make your selection process faster.

13. After you have selected the classrooms of your choice, you will see the calendar events of the selected classrooms only.

14. Click the events Title to view the full description.

15. You can view events and due dates by the month, week or day basis.

16. You can also use the arrows of the calendar to toggle between previous or next month events.

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