What is the newsfeed?

What is newsfeed?

Newsfeed is a place to view all posts shared by Teamie users. In Teamie, newsfeed can be viewed at two levels. The first level is the main newsfeed that you see everytime you login. It has posts that are collated from all classrooms that you are a part of. The second level is the classroom newsfeed, in which you see only the posts added to that classroom.

An analogy is the Facebook main newsfeed versus the newsfeed of a group that you are a part of.

What is a post?

In Teamie, a post is a message that you wish to communicate with other users in your classrooms. It could be something interesting you'd like to share, or a nagging doubt that you've got or an important task that you wish your classroom members to do. You can make your posts rich with attachments of different types such as links, images, videos and polls. You can categorize your posts as thoughts or questions or tasks.

What is a thought?

A Thought is anything that you would like to share with others in your classroom. It could be a simple status update, or link to an interesting article, or an image or a document. A thought is meant to initiate discussion and get comments or feedback.

What is a question?

A Question post could be a nagging doubt that you want to ask others in your classroom. Or it could be a spark to ellicit opinions from others. It could be something as simple as "What is your favourite colour?". And you could include options as a poll if you wish to. Teamie will collate the votes and present to the results to you as a simple bar chart.

What is the difference between a Thought and a Question?

They are the same yet they are different. They both appear in the newsfeed. But, a question is meant to ellicit an answer. It's something that needs an immediate response. Whereas thoughts are good-to-know stuff that you can afford to look at during your free time.

Keeping thoughts and questions separate makes it easy to filter the discussions, especially during crunch times, like before an exam or assignment deadline.

What is a task post?

A task post is used by instructors in a classroom to inform learners of some work that they need to do. The task could be a simple homework like reading a lesson on Teamie or to prepare for a graded offline test. Please refer to Instructor section in Getting Stuff Done for more information.

What are Teamie Points?

Teamie points can be viewed as an encouraging reward for user activity on Teamie. A user earns Teamie points whenever he/she does certain actions like posting a thought, giving the right answer to a question etc.

A user can have different number of Teamie points for the different set of classrooms that he / she belongs to. On the user profile, the total Teamie points earned by that particular user (across all classrooms) is displayed. Every classroom also has a Leaderboard in which learners may compete to see who has higher Teamie points.

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