Creating and Managing Skill Groups

As an administrator, you create a Skill Group and align one or more than one skill to that skill group. Skill groups allow learners to enrol themselves in additional courses (skills groups) that will provide them the required skills, such as Microsoft Office, online privacy and security, effective communication and collaborative skills, and critical thinking etc. These skill groups will be available for learners through the Skills Catalogue based on their grade and other meta fields (such as campus etc) as per the site configuration.

The idea behing the skill groups is that once learners enrols in the required skills groups and completes them based on the set completion rules, they can then be considered proficient in the given skill. The learners will be able to view all the skill groups that they are enrolled to, and track their progress in them from the Digital Skills tab in their profile's Summary page. Administrators will also be able to access this tab from the learners' profiles.

This is an optional feature and needs to be enabled from our side. So, kindly contact us at in case you want us to enable this feature on your Teamie site.

This article will guide you on:

Adding and Managing Skills

As an administrator, you can create a new skill or edit/remove an existing skill. The skills will be available in the Skills drop-down while creating a skill group.

1. Click the sidebar.

2. Click Digital Skills under the Manage Teamie section.

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3. Then, click Manage Digital Skills from the drop-down.

4. The Add Skills page open. All the existing skills at the site level, if any, will be listed here. Click the +Add Skills button.

5. Enter the required name for the skill in the Name field.

6. You can also add the description for the skill, if required. Basic formatting options, such as bold italic etc are available for you to format the description text.

7. Click Save and back to list of values to add the skill and return to the previous page or click Save and add new to add the skill and remain on the page to add more skills.

8. A confirmation message appears. The Skill will get added and will now be available in the Skills drop-down while creating a skill group.

Creating a Skill Group
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2. Add the Group Unique Code and title as per your requirement. You can also add description which will be shown on the About page of the skill group.

3. Select the Group Type as Skill Group.

4. As per your site's configuration, one or more user meta field(s) can be attached/mapped to skill groups. Only the users with the corresponding meta fields in their profiles will be able to see the skill groups in the Skills Catalogue and enrol in them. For this help article documentation, we are using the 'Level' and 'Campus' meta fields as the  mapped meta fields. Select the required meta field values; which can singles-select or multi select field as per the site configuration.

5. Select the Category in which you wish to tag the skill group. Skill groups can be later filtered using this category field value on the learner Summary page. The categories can be configured as per the site configuration. In this instance, we are using the site configuration with two category fields - 'Core Skills' and 'Multimedia'.

6. Once you select the Group Type as 'Skill Group', the Skills field starts showing up on the group creation page. The values of the Skills field will the ones that were created from the Add Skills page. Select the required skill(s) for the skill group. It is a multi-select field and you can select more than one skill mapped to a skill group by selecting them using the control/cmd key.

7. The Enable Completion setting is mandatory for a skill group and will be checked by default. Learners will be able to see their completion progress for the skill group as per the completion rule set by the instructor.

8. By default, the Enrol Type setting is set to No Self-Enrolment, i.e, learners will not see the skill group in the catalogue to self enrol. It is recommended that once the content is created for the skill group and it is ready for the learners to enrol in, then the setting should be changed to either Automatic Self-enrolment (no approval needed) or Approved Self-enrolment (approval needed).

Automatic Self-enrolment (no approval needed):  This means any user can enrol to the skill group at any point in time without any need of approval. Also, any member of such skill group(s) can also un-enrol from the skill group(s) as per their wish.

Automatic self-enrolment allows quick registration in a skill group and thus saves time. Users can easily enrol in the skill group as per requirement.

Approved Self-enrolment (approval needed): This means any user can enrol to the classroom at any point in time, but will become a member only after instructors/staff members approve their enrolment request. Any member of such skill group(s) also can un-enrol from the skill group(s) as per their wish.

Until the enrolment request is approved, users will only be able to access the “About” page of a skill group.

9. Click Save at the bottom of the page to create the Skill Group.

Take note that once a group is created as a Skill Group, its Group Type cannot be edited anymore.

9. Once the skill group is created and opened for enrolment, it will be available to all the learners with the corresponding mapped meta fields to enrol accordingly.

Filtering Skill Groups

You can filter the Skill groups at the site level from the Manage Classrooms page.

1. As an administrator, access the Manage Classrooms page from the Manage Teamie section in the sidebar.

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2. You can filter the using the different filters available on the page including the mapped metafields and group type.

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