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Skill groups allow learners to enrol themselves in additional courses (classrooms) that will provide them the required skills, such as Microsoft Office, online privacy and security, effective communication and collaborative skills, and critical thinking etc. These skill groups will be available for learners through the Skills Catalogue based on their grade and other meta fields (such as campus etc) as per the site configuration.

The idea behing the skill groups is that once learners enrols in the required skills groups and completes them based on the set completion rules, they can then be considered proficient in the given skill. The learners will be able to view all the skill groups that they are enrolled to, and track their progress in them from the Digital Skills tab in their profile's Summary page.

This article will guide you on:

Accessing Skills Catalogue

1. On your homepage, click the View Skills Catalogue button.

You can also click the View Skills Catalogue button from the sidebar.

(12) Home | UWC ORB

2. The skills catalogue page opens. Based on your meta fields, the available skills groups will be shown in the Skills Catalogue.

Filtering Skill Groups

2. You can filter the skill groups as per the enrolment status - Open for enrolment, Enrolled, Pending approval. For example, you can select the Enrolled checkbox to filter the skills groups that you have already enrolled in.

3. Hovering over a skill group in which you are already enrolled will show the label 'You are enrolled in this group'.

4. Click the reset icon to reset the filter and view all the skill groups.

5. You can filter the skill groups as per their enrolment type - Approval required and No approval required to view the skill groups in which you need the approval of the instructor and not need any approval to enrol respectively.

6. You can also filter the skill group(s) on the basis of their skills, i.e the skills that you will learn from the skill group(s).

7. Similarly, you can filter the skill groups by their categories (if any).

Enrolling in Skill Groups

2. Hover over the skill group and click Enrol Now.

3. In case no approval is required for the enrolment, you will at once and you can click to access the skill group and start learning and consuming content published by the instructor.

4. In case approval is required, you will be shown the label 'Enrol request sent'.

5. Once the instructor approves your request, you will be enrolled in the skill group.

Skills Summary

You can view all the skill groups that you are part of and your completion status in all those skill groups. Furthermore, you can filter the skill groups using different filters and sort them by the completion status as well.

1. Click on your profile name to access your profile page.

(12) Teamie Student 1 | UWC ORB
(12) Teamie Student 1 | UWC ORB

2. Click Summary.

3. Click Digital Skills tab.

4. All the skill groups that you are part of will be listed here sorted by the completion status.

5. You can hover over the skill group's thumbnail to view the status. You can click a skill group to directly access it.

6. You can also sort the skill groups by name.

7. You can filter the skill groups as per their Skills, Category, Published Status, and the mapped meta field.

8. Click Reset to reset the filters and sorting to default.

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