Teamie Android Calendar Widget (Parents)

Teamie Calendar Widget allow users to quickly view the calendar events for the next 7 days in an intuitive layout.

Instructors have the additional functionality of creating new events directly from the widget whereas learners and parents can use the Only ToDos toggle to switch to their ToDos seamlessly. Parents with multiple children enrolled on Teamie can also switch between their children's events from the widget itself.

This article will guide you on:

Calendar Widget for Parents

1. Add/resize the Teamie widget on your Android device home screen.

2. Once you add the Teamie calendar widget, you will be able to view the calendar events of your children from the upcoming 7 days, if available.

You need to logged in to the Teamie app to view the calendar events on the widget.

2. The widget has the header named 'Teamie Calendar', tapping on opens the calendar view of the app for the child.

3. In case you have multiple children enrolled on Teamie, you can seamlessly switch between their events from the widget itself by selecting the required child from the drop down.

4. The list of events will have similar layout as the Teamie calendar view. The events will always show the title and time where the titles will be truncated to one line, if longer. Depending on the widget width, the events may also show the calendar type (Event, Lesson ets) mentioned below the title and the respective icons on the left. Tapping on the event will open the event pop up with event information.

5. By default the calendar widget shows all the events from the next 7 days. But you may use the Only Todos toggle on the right of the widget to view only the ToDos from the next days.

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