Managing Group Submissions in Assignments

You can create groups of learners in an assignment. Every group will have unique learners; one learner cannot be assigned to more than one group.

This article will guide you on:

Allowing group submissions in an assignment

2. Click Submission in assignment settings.

3. Select the number of Maximum submissions allowed from the drop-down list. This restricts the number of times submission(s) can be made for this assignment.

Note: If group submission is enabled, then any member of the group can attempt the assignment any number of times till the total number of overall attempts doesn't exceed the number of Maximum submissions allowed.

4. Select Yes under Allow group submission.

5. Your progress will be auto-saved.

Note: All the members of the classroom will be considered as "Individual groups" until you add them in a group.

Creating group(s) for group submission in an assignment

2. As soon as you enable group submission in an assignment, you will be able to see a "Manage group" link.

3. Click Manage group.

4. Type in the group name and click Create.

5. A group is created. Click Remove if you want to remove the group.

6. Similarly, you can create more than one group. After you have created the required number of groups, click Save groups.

Note: You cannot create groups with same name.

Assigning learner(s) to any group in an assignment

1. After you have created the group(s), you can assign the learner(s) which are associated with the classrooms to the required group(s).

Note: Unassigned learners will be treated as Individual groups. Also, a single user cannot be assigned to multiple groups.

Assigning learner(s) to any group in an assignment

2. Drag learners to their respective groups one by one.

3. Click Save groups after you have added learners to their respective groups.

Viewing file submissions made by group members

Regardless of the number of members in a group, the submissions made by its group members will be same for all members. So when any one of the group member makes a submission, it will be considered as a submission for all the group members.

1. Click Materials of the classroom which has the required assignment.

2. Click View submissions of the required assignment. In this following screenshot you can see View submissions (2/3). There were two groups made for this assignment, group A with two learners and group B with one learner in it. One learner from group A made a submission and the group submission for the other learner in group A was automatically taken into consideration and hence written as "View submissions 2/3".

3. On the Submission and Grading page, you will see a table containing list of learners who have access to this assignment along with their submission information.

4. Click View Attempts under Attempts column corresponding to James Decosta.

Note: If a single user from a group makes a submission, the instructor can see View Submission for all learners, who belong to that group.

5. Read the submission content submitted by the learner.

6. Click on the profile image of the second learner in the group to view his/her submission. alternatively, you can also click View Attempts under Attempts column corresponding to the other learner to view his/her submission.

7. You will notice that the file submissions made by both members of the group is same, as it is a group submission.

Entering and publishing marks in an assignment (with group submission enabled)

2. On the learner submission page, you will be able to the input Score fields for that member. Enter the required marks. The score will be auto-saved.

Note: Marks of all the members of a group can be allotted from the answer sheet (submission page) of any one of them. Also, the scores doesn't have to be the same for each member.


1. Can any learner remove himself from a group?

No, only an instructor can remove any learner from a group.

2. What happens when you remove a learner from a group?

When you remove a learner from a group, he/she will be considered as an individual group and will be required to make individual submissions.

3. Can learners see scores of their group members?

No, learners can not see scores of their group members.

4. Do i have to allot equal marks to all the learners in a group?

For auto-evaluated questions, all the learners in a group will get equal marks, but for open-ended questions (like online quiz, which may have open-ended questions and assignment are always created with an open-ended question) you can allot different marks for each learner in a group.

5. Can learners resubmit a group assignment?

If you have created an assignment with maximum number of attempts as one, and one member of a group makes the submission, then other members of that group would not be able to make any submissions because the maximum number of attempts are already reached. They can contact you to ask for increment in maximum number of attempts so that they can resubmit the assignment.

Alternatively, if you have allowed multiple submissions, then learners will be able to resubmit a Group Assignment until the maximum number of attempts are reached.

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