Attempting an online quiz

Attempting an online quiz

2. Tap on the quiz you wish to take.

3. Tap Take this Online Quiz now.

4. The quiz instructions and settings will be mentioned on the quiz taking page. Tap Start Now to start taking the quiz.

5. Attempt a question and tap Next question to navigate to the next question. You can also tap on specific questions to jump directly onto that question (if the instructor has not changed the settings otherwise).

6. In case you wish to save your progress and continue later with the quiz, tap Save & Continue later. This way you can resume from where you left, but do keep in mind the deadline of the quiz.

7. Once you have attempted all the questions of the online quiz, the Save & Continue later button changes to Submit for evaluation. Click Submit for evaluation to submit your submission.

8. You can also save your changes to resume later by clicking the down-arrow and selecting Save & Continue later.

9. Once you click Submit for evaluation, you will be prompted to confirm your submission. Click Yes, submit to submit your attempt for evaluation.

10. You will get a confirmation message once your attempt is successfully submitted for evaluation.

11. You will also get a notification once you have made the submission.

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