Attempting an assignment

Attempting an assignment by making a file submission

2. Tap on the assignment you wish to make submission to.

3. The assignment will open. Click Submit now.

4. Read the instructions and click to download any submission attached to the assignment to be filled up.

Note 1: The sample assignment shown in this section requires the learner to download the file attachment. The learner needs to type out the answers in the file attachment and uploads the file for the submission.

Note 2: Teamie iOS app users should have a Google Drive account in order to make file submissions to an assignment. Google Drive allows you to save the attachment to Google Drive as iOS does not allow saving file to the device drive.

5. Open the assignment and type out your answer. Then save your progress, if required.

6. Tap the attachement icon to browse for the required file.

7. Select a file to upload as the assignment submission. Then tap OK.

Note: You can only submit one file for submission. In case you wish to make multiple file submission at a single time, you can zip them and upload the zip file as the submission to your assignment.

8. The file will be uploaded. Tap the x icon to remove the file, if required.

9. Tap Submit for evaluation in order to make the submission to your assignment.

10. In case you want to save your submission to submit at a later time, tap the down-arrow and select Save & Continue later. Keep in mind to submit your attempt before the deadline of the assignment.

11. Once you click Submit for evaluation, you will be prompted to confirm your submission. Click Yes, submit to submit your attempt for evaluation.

12. You will get a confirmation message once your attempt is successfully submitted for evaluation.

13. You will also get a notification once you have made the submission.

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