Getting started with the Teamie Mobile Apps

Teamie mobile apps are a handy way of staying upto date with your learning, even on the go. Let's see how you can download the Teamie apps and start using them.

This article will guide you on:

Logging into the Teamie Mobile Apps

There are two ways you can login in to Teamie platform.

a. Login by typing your username and password.

b. Login in with your Google account.

a. Login by typing your username and password

2. In order to login by typing your username and password, you would be required to enter your account's username and password as shown below. Alternatively you can also enter your Email in case if you are not aware of your username.

3. Enter your Account username and password.

4. Click Login to login to Teamie platform.

5. You will be logged in to the Teamie app shortly. Collaborate, interact and have fun learning the Teamie way!

b. Login in with your Google account

Note: This option is available only if your institute / organization has Google Apps enabled.


3. This will bring up the Gmail accounts page. The list of all the Gmail accounts that are added on your device will be shown on the page. Tap the account with which you are registered on Teamie to login to your account.

In case you select your personal email id or any other email id which is not registered on Teamie, you will get an error message. Select the correct email id and proceed again.

4. In case you are logged in other email accounts and wish to add the Teamie registered email account, click Add another account and enter the user credentials of the registered email ID.

5. Agree to the Google terms of services.

6. You will be logged in to the Teamie app.

Logging out of the Teamie Apps

1. Tap More menu option.

2. Tap Logout.

3. A confirmation message appears. Tap LOGOUT to logout of the Teamie mobile app.

4. You will be logged out and taken to the welcome screen.

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