Accessing Calendar (Instructors)

By default, the Teamie calendar display events from all of your classrooms and personal calendars. However, you can filter the calendar events to view events of certain classrooms / personal calendars. You can also access your calendar events from the navigation bar.

This article will guide you on:

Accessing Calendar from the sidebar

1. Click Sliding menu.

2. Click Calendar.

3. By default, your calendar display events of all the classrooms / personal calendars you are associated with. Teamie creates a calendar for events of all the classrooms / personal calendars you are associated with. The same calendar information is shown to learners of those classrooms when they access calendar to track the information about upcoming events with due dates (except your personal calendar events; they are exclusive to you).

4. Click Switch to Google Calendar to access your Google account calendar within Teamie interface.

You need to be logged in to your Google account at this time.

5. Clicking Switch to Google Calendar will display your Google Calendar within Teamie.

6. Click Switch to Learning Calendar to switch back to your Teamie Learning calendar.

7. Clicking Switch to Learning Calendar will bring you back to the Teamie Learning Calendar page.

8. By default, all events types are selected and shown in the calendar. Click All Events Types to filter out certain events type.

9. Untick the checkbox corresponding to an event type to override the default selection and select the required events. The moment you un-tick some events types, they start disappearing automatically from the calendar view and you will see only the selected events.

10. You will see a list of classrooms / personal calendars by clicking the All Calendars drop-down menu.

11. If you are a member in more than 10 classrooms or have created more than 10 personal calendars, then you will see a search box in which you can type in the classroom calendar / personal calendar name to look for that classroom / personal calendar and make your selection process faster.

12. By default, all classrooms and personal calendars are selected. Click Unselect All to override the default selection and select the classrooms / personal calendars of your choice.

13. To filter the events of a specific classrooms / personal calendars, tick its corresponding checkbox and un-tick any classrooms / personal calendars (if any) whose events you don’t wish to view.

14. After you have selected the classrooms / personal calendars of your choice, you will see the calendar events of the selected classrooms / personal calendars only.

15. Click the events Title to view the full description.

  • Clicking on a homework / task will open it in pop up on the Teamie calendar page.
  • Clicking on a personal calendar's event will open it in a pop up on the Teamie calendar page.
  • Clicking a lesson title will take you the lesson landing page.
  • Clicking an assignment title will take you to assignment landing page.
  • Clicking a quiz title will take you to view attempts page of that quiz.

16. You can view events and due dates on month, week or day basis.

17. You can also use the arrows of the calendar to toggle between previous or next month events.

18. Click Manage Personal Calendars to create your personal calendar and event in them. Please read our help article for more information on how to create calendars and events in them.

Accessing Calendar from the navigation bar

1. Click Calendar icon provided at the top navigation bar.

2. The 'Calendar events' section will slide out. By default, this section will show the calendar events of each day of the week (in which you have events) starting from the present day, and then events of next three weeks. For instance, in the following screenshot, the day is Wednesday, so all the events of Wednesday and Thursday (if any) will be shown and then the events of the next three weeks will be present. You can click any event to open it.

  • For assignments and online quizzes, you will see a pie chart indicating the submission progress of the learners. This will help you view learners' progress in a glance :)
  • If a particular day doesn't have events, then that day won't appear in the section. Example: If August 23rd has 3 events and August 25th has 4 events, but August 24th has no events, then August 24th won't appear in the list.

3. Click on the day label to collapse or expand it. By default, today and tomorrow's events will be expanded. You can also access the events by clicking on them from this section.

4. On collapsing, you will be able to see the labels along with their respective event counts.

5. Click 'View full calendar' link to open your calendar full view.

6. Your calendar full view will open. This is the same page that will open when you access your calendar from the sidebar.

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