Masquerade as your child

As a parent, you can masquerade as your child i.e, perform any action as them. Basically once you masquerade as your child, you will virtually get logged in like them. You will be able to view what they view and perform any actions that they can perform. To know more about the important actions that your child can perform, click here.

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Masquerading as your child

Masquerading as your child

1. On your homepage, click on your child's profile. You will be taken to their profile page.

2. Click the ellipsis at the bottom-right corner of their cover image.

3. Select Masquerade as this user.

4. You will now be taken to your child's homepage and you will be able to access and create any resources that he / she has permission to. An information banner will be placed at the top of the homepage informing you that you are masquerading as your child. Click Stop masquerading to go back to being you :)

Any content that you create or any resource that you access as your child will be logged in his / her activity stream. Although, instructors would not know that you have done that activity instead of your child, but the site administrator will know.

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