Creating and Managing Grading Components

Grading components can be enabled on Teamie at site level or classroom level by your site administrator. If enabled at site level, the grading components will remain same for all the classrooms. On the other hand, if it is enabled at classroom level, then instructors can create grading component based on their requirement, group assessments by grading components and grade all types of assessments (Assignment, Online Quiz and Offline Test). In this article we will be talking about the case in which grading components are enabled at the classroom level.

This article will guide you on:

Creating a grading component

1. As an instructor, you can can create grading components for a specific classroom from that classroom’s gradebook page. For this, click the ellipses (...) and then select Manage Grading components option from the drop down.

2. On the Create Grading Components page, click +Add Component to add a grading component. Enter the Title of the component and its Weightage (in percentage) as per your requirement. You can also give a description for the component in case it is required for internal usage.

3. Repeat step 2 to create more grading components with weightages.

Note: The sum of the weightages of all the grading components cannot be greater than 100%.

4. Once you are done adding the grading components for your classroom, it is now time to allocate grading components to your classroom's assessments.

Allocating grading components to your classroom's assessments

1. On the classroom's gradebook page, click the ellipses (...) and then select Allocate Grading components option from the drop down.

2. On Allocating Grading Components page, you will see two sections, “List of Assessments" and “Grading Components”. Drag and drop the required assessments to their respective grading components as per your requirement. This way you are grouping assessments by Grading Components.

Note: Assessments which are not grouped under any grading component will be categorized under "Ungraded" column on the gradebook page.

3. Once you are done grouping the assessments under respective grading components, you can check the grading component and their associated assessments on the classroom’s gradebook page.

4. Select a grading component of your choice from the Grading Component filter drop down to track learners' grading details.

Setting grading components at section level

Currently, you cannot enable grading component and assign weightage to them at a section level in your classrooms. A workaround for that is adding components with the same name as your sections and allocating the same assessments to the grading components as the sections.

Let's take a scenario for better comprehension. If you have three sections (say English, Physics and Mathematics) in your classroom to which you wish to have a total of 100% as weightage of assessment at a section level. For this, follow the given steps:

1. Create three grading components named English, Physics and Mathematics with the required weightages.

2. Allocate grading components to your assessments in the same order as your sections, i.e, if the section English has three assessments A, B and C, then drag and drop A, B and C under the grading component English. Similarly, group the assessments of the sections Physics and Mathematics under the respective grading components named Physics and Mathematics.

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