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As an instructor, you can create copies of the original document attached to your assignment for each student to make submissions. By clicking on Make a copy link, instructor can enable the Google Doc submission and gives permission to Teamie to create copies of the attached Google doc in the learners' Google Drive folder. Some important points to remember about this feature are as follows:

  • Copies will be created only when learners click Take now.
  • Teamie will create the copies in learners respective Google Drives.
  • Choosing make a copy option will create a copy of the original documents. So, making updates in the original will NOT reflect the changes in learners copy.
  • Instructor can revert to normal google doc, if the assignment is in draft mode or no one has started or made a submission.

You can enable 'make a copy' only for the google docs attached to your assignments and not in your lessons or posts.

This article will guide you on:

Enabling 'Make a copy' option

2. Type any required instructions. Click the Google Drive icon.

3. Select the required file(s). Then, click Select.

4. As soon the google docs are attached, you will able to see the 'make a copy' button on the left of the sharing settings button. Click the 'make a copy' button.

5. Similarly, you can enable 'make a copy' button for other attached google docs. They will be shown under the text "Copies of the document will be created when students start their attempts".

You can choose to enable 'make a copy' options for one or more documents that are attached to your submissions. Copies of these documents will be created for each learner, once they open the documents and will be added as their submissions. The google documents for which you don't enable the 'make a copy' option will simply get attached as a part of the assignment and will not be included as a learner submission.

6. So, now when learners attempt the assignment, a separate copy will be created for each of them in their respective Google Drive folder. In other words, your original google document will stay intact and each learner will individual google copy to attempt the assignment.

1. In order to give learners more space to work with, there will be a full screen toggle.

2. File Submission tab will be placed at the last position.

7. In the assignment settings you will see the “Google Doc submission” checkbox enabled. You can also Lock the Google Doc upon submission, if required.

Undo 'make a copy'

In case you decide to undo 'make a copy' for the google documents attached to your assignment, you can do so only if the following conditions are met:

  • The assignment is still in draft state
  • No learner has made a submission to the assignment

1. In case the aforementioned conditions are met, you will be able to view the Undo make a copy option when you click the 'make a copy' button of the required google document.

2. Click Undo make a copy to make the google document as a simple attachment and no google documents will be created for learners to make submissions. You can enable 'make a copy' option again by clicking on the button again.


Q1. Can I enable 'make a copy' options in any Google document?

A1. No, only the following formats will be supported for make a copy option:

  1. Document
  2. Spreadsheet
  3. Slides
  4. Drawing

For the other types, make a copy does not make sense as those files cannot be edited.

Q2. Will the copies get created for all the learners as soon the assignment is published?

A2. No, copies will get created in learners' Drive folder as soon as they click on “Take now” and “Take again” (In case of multiple attempts).

Q3. Can I enable 'make a copy' option in multiple Google document attached to an assignment?

A3. Yes, you can attach any number of Google Doc to an assignment and make copies of all the docs for the learners.

Q4. Can I undo 'make a copy' option in an attached Google document?

A4. Yes, you can, but under the following conditions:

  • The assignment is still in draft state
  • No learner has made a submission to the assignment

See, Undo 'make a copy'.

Q5. Will the Google doc submissions evaluated by Turnitin?

A5. No, only file submissions will be evaluated by Turnitin.

Q6. Can I enable other submission types in the assignment settings?

A6. Yes, since we support multiple file submission, you can go and enable other submission types in the assignment settings.

Q7. Will copy of any file attached in the assignment gets created?

A7. No, copies of only the Google documents with 'make a copy' option enabled will be created.

Q8. Can learners access the copy of the Google doc with 'make a copy' option enabled in their Drive?

A8. A copy will get created in learners' Drive folder as soon as they click on “Take now” and “Take again” (In case of multiple attempts).

Q9. Can I view the draft Google doc submission made by a learner?

A9. Yes, if the "Allow viewing draft submissions" setting is enabled for that assignment.

Here is a video of the 'Google - make a copy' feature. Enjoy!

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