Accessing and Starring Classroom

As an instructor or a learner, you might be part of many classrooms and therefore accessing such classrooms that you visit frequently can become a tedious job. So to make this simpler and faster, you may STAR classrooms or social groups for quick access.

The Starred feature allows you to star and pin a specific Classroom or Social group to the Starred category so that you can quickly access such classroom or social group later.

All classrooms/social groups are sorted in an alphabetical order.

This article will guide you on:

Starring a classroom

1. Tap Classrooms from the navigation bar.

2. If you have not starred any classrooms/social groups yet then Starred category will appear blank and you may proceed to star classroom/social groups.

3. In case, you have already starred at-least one classroom/social group then you will the see two categories as:

Starred - will show up the list of already starred classrooms/social groups.

Classrooms - will show up all the classrooms/social groups you are part of and you may choose to star more classrooms/social groups as required.

  • The starred classrooms will also appear under the "Classrooms" category.
  • You can 'Star' any number of classrooms, at anytime.

4. Tap on Star icon of a required classroom/social group to star your favorite or most commonly used classrooms and access them quickly from the "Starred" category. You will have your own set of starred classrooms that will only be visible to you.

5. The Starred classroom/social group will start appearing under Starred Category.

6. Tap on the Classroom card to view its posts and access materials.

Unstarring a classroom

1. Tap Classrooms from the navigation bar.

2. You will be taken the Starred classrooms screen by default. Tap Star icon of an already starred classroom/social group to unstar it.

3. The system will initiate Unstar classroom/social group process and the classroom/social group be unstarred shortly.

4. The Unstarred classroom/social group will no longer appear under Starred category.

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