Accessing Bulletin Board notifications

Bulletin board notifications alert instructors, learners and other users about events being published in their classrooms/groups such as homework posts, assignments grading or badges awarded. This article explains what kind of bulletin board notifications appear in the bulletin board area.

1. Tap Bulletin Board (bell icon) menu from the navigation bar.

  1. New notifications are highlighted with a number in the bulletin board notifications menu.
  2. Bulletin Board notifications are also knows as web notifications (browser based notifications).

2. You will see an on-boarding message on the Bulletin Board screen. Tap Ok,Got it! to dismiss the on-boarding message and see the bulletin board notifications received for different events.

3. As a learner, you will receive the bulletin board notifications when the following events are published in your classroom/social group, based on the notifications configuration on your site:

  1. A Homework post is published
  2. A Thought post is published
  3. A Question post is published
  4. A Lesson/Unit/Resource (SCORM lesson) gets published
  5. An Assessment is published (Quiz, Assignment [SCORM assignment], Offline)
  6. A Discussion is published
  7. A Calendar event gets published

4. On the Bulletin Board notifications screen, you will also see the option to MARK ALL AS READ at the top right corner to mark all unread bulletin board notifications as read in one go.

5. Tap on a bulletin board notification to go to that particular event and see its full screen. For example, in the following screenshot, we are tapping on a bulletin board notification of an assignment which is yet to be done/completed.

6. You will be taken to that particular event's full screen and may start completing that activity accordingly.

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