Keeping Track of ToDos Items

ToDos lists are an excellent way to stay organized. Teamie provides you with a ToDos tool that will facilitate you to easily manage your “ToDos” list. You can keep track of your upcoming tasks such as homework/task posts, assessments and lessons that require your immediate attention. You can find your ToDos in the "Calendar" section as a filter toggle inside.

By default, the system shows the overall badge count for the upcoming pending tasks. And the task whose deadline is over, are moved to the Overdue section and are not included in the overall count shown on the calendar icon menu icon. However, you can expand the Overdue section and mark a task post as done.

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You may find all your upcoming ToDos in your calendar. And the calendar is further divided into two categories as explained below:

1. Show only ToDos - shows the list of pending Todos which you have not yet completed:

  • Homework/Task (is always created with a due date)
  • Lesson with available till date (or deadline)
  • Assessments with available till date (or deadline)
  • Discussion with deadline
  • Survey with deadline

2. All Events (Show only ToDos toggle remains off by default) - shows the following types of events:

  • All your ToDos that you see under ToDos category, along with its completion status
  • Offline Tests
  • Personal calendar events
  • Classroom calendar events
  • Google meet events (if Google meet integration is enabled on your Teamie site)
  • Zoom events (if Zoom integration is enabled on your Teamie site)
ToDos Categories

ToDos is further divided into three categories:


You will also have access to your Overdue items (events whose deadline have passed) in the "Calendar" section. The number of Overdue items will be shown only for the last 30 days. i.e., system will hide all tasks that are more than 30 days overdue to avoid unnecessary clutter.

The Overdue category will always be closed/collapsed by default.

You will be able to mark a Homework/task post as Done from the Overdue category but you won't be able to access other materials such as lessons and assessments from ToDos once their deadline has passed.


By default, you will see the ToDos events for Next 7 days (including today). By default, you will see the Upcoming category on the Calendar screen.


This category will display the list of upcoming ToDos from the next 3 weeks.

Accessing your To-Dos

1. Tap Calendar (icon) menu from the bottom navigation bar.

2. As learner, you will see a ToDos counter that indicates the task/activities you will have to finish in the NEXT 7 DAYS.

3. By default, the app shows all events on the Calendar screen. Tap the Show only ToDos toggle to turn it ON and see the list of only ToDods items. Turning this toggle ON will hide the events which are not considered as ToDos.

The events which are due in the NEXT 7 DAYs are listed under Upcoming category.

After accessing the ToDos, you can see the events and their due dates. Each event is given a color which represent the classroom to which the event belongs to. By default, the calendar displays all classrooms events.

4. You may access Later category to see the events which are due in the Next 3 weeks.

5. Similarly, you may switch to Overdue category to see the events whose deadline has already been passed. You will be able to mark a task post as Done from the Overdue category.

6. You may tap on an event from any one of the categories (Upcoming, Later and Overdue) and view its completed detail.

7. Tapping on an event will open it in the full screen. For example, in the following screenshot, we are tapping on an assignment which is not yet completed. Additionally, you will also see the details of the assignment such as Instructions, Deadline, Max Score and more.

Tap Submit to start making an attempt to the assignment and submit for final evaluation.

8. Tap Back navigation at the top left to go back to the calendar screen and see ToDos list.

9. Tap the Show only ToDos toggle again to turn it OFF in order to see the list of all events/items on the calendar screen.

10. Tap a classroom calendar event to see its full description.

11. Tap X (Close) at the top left to dismiss the event's full screen and go back to the ToDos list.

Completed Vs Not Completed ToDos

1. Completed ToDos are highlighted with a Green tick mark.

2. Incomplete ToDos are highlighted by a red dot.


Q1: What will happen when I complete my ToDos?

A: When you make a submission to your pending assignment / online quiz or click "Mark as done" for a homework post then the ToDo will be considered as completed and will stop appearing in the ToDos list.

The completed ToDos will appear under "All events" tab with a green tick mark.

Q2: Can I view events for more than one month later?

A: No. You will be shown the events for your current week and the next three weeks.

Q3: Can I mark a homework / task post as undone?

A: Yes, you can mark a homework / task post undone by clicking Mark as undone from the 'All events' tab.

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