Peer Review (Instructors)

Peer review is the evaluation of work by one or more people with similar competencies as the creator of the work. As an instructor on Teamie, you can create assessments, on web, that require a learner's attempt to reviewed by one or more of his/her peers, i.e other learners.

This article will guide you on:

Viewing peer review ‘From’ and ‘To’ date and time

An assignment is available for the reviewers to peer review as per the 'Review From' date and time. The peer review can start only after the assignment's deadline and late submission period, if any. By default, this time is set to 2 minutes after the due date of the assignment (+ any late submission time).

The peer review submissions will be available for the reviewers till the 'Review To' date and time which, by default, is set 3 days after the 'Review From' date and time. But as an instructor, you can change the Review available from / to date as per your requirement, via web.

1. On the Materials screen, tap the required assignment card.

2. The assignment full view opens. Tap the PEER REVIEW tab, which will be the last tab. You will be to view the Review From and  Review To date and time.

Viewing peer reviewed grading and feedback (comments)

As an instructor, you can view the peer review scores, grades and comments given on a learner's submission by a reviewer from the learner's attempt. Let's see how you can do it.

1. Tap VIEW ATTEMPTS  for the required assignment.

2. Access the required learner's attempt for which you wish to view the peer review scores by tapping the corresponding View Attempts link.

3. Tap the Peer Review icon located at the top right of the screen on the attempt screen.

4. The peer review section opens at the botton of the screen. The scores given by the reviewer(s) for the learner's attempt will be listed here. In case a grade scheme is attached to the assignment, then the corresponding grades will also be listed in the section.

5. In case a rubric is attached to the assignment, you can tap the rubric icon and view which scale have been selected for a criterion by the reviewer for the attempt. The reviewer name will also be shown on the top of the rubric screen.

6. Similarly, you can view the peer review scores given by other reviewers from the peer review section, if any.

7. You can view the comments added by the reviewers from the comment section.

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