Parent Instructor Messaging

Parents can send messages to the instructors of their child's classroom. This can be done from the About page of the required classroom. The advantage of direct communication between parents and instructors is improved transparency and collaboration in the child’s education. Parents can easily ask questions, provide feedback, and stay updated on their child’s progress, leading to better educational outcomes. Let's see how parents can message instructors of their children.

1. Tap the required child's card.

2. Tap the Classroom tab.

3. Tap the classroom card whose instructor you wish to message.

4. Tap the About tab.

5. On the About screen of the required classroom, you will see the list of instructor(s) followed by the classroom details.

6. The instructors list includes their details, such as, profile image, name, link to view profile and the message icon. Tap the message icon to send a direct message to the instructor.

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