Accessing my resources from the archived classrooms

If your classroom from previous academic term is archived, you can still access your posts and the classroom resources.  You can copy or share your resources from the achived classroom. Follow the steps below to find out on how to access your posts and resources in an archived classroom.

Access archived posts

1. Click Locker

2. Click Locker Posts.

3. Your posts in the archived classroom are shown on the Posts page.  

Access archived lessons

1. Click Locker Lessons

2. You can search the archived lessons using the filters like Lesson Title, Shared module, or other types of filters. Click Apply.

3. Click the lesson's name to view the archived lessons.

4. To copy or reshare lessons from archived classroom, tick the lesson box and click Reshare to reshare the lesson with other modules. To make copies of the lessons, click Copy.

Access archived assessments

1. Click Locker assessments

2.  You can search the archived assessments using the filters like Filter by title, Status, Filter by module, or other types of filters. Click Apply.

3. Click the assessment's name to view the assessment details.

4. To copy the assessments to other module, tick the assessment box and click Copy Assessment.

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