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As a parent, you can track your child's activity within Teamie with ease. When you log into Teamie, you'll land on the parent home page. On this page, the name of your child who is associated with your account is shown in the form of a card.

This article will guide you on how to:

Accessing your Child's Profile Overview

1. As soon as you log into Teamie, you will see a card named after your child name on the home page.

2. You can see some quick stats on the card as listed below:

  • The date and time on which your child last accessed the site.
  • Count of upcoming To-Dos (tasks, assignments and quizzes) that your child has to attempt.

In case you are proud parents of more than one child and have enrolled them on Teamie, then you can check their activities by clicking on their name on the home page.

3. Click your child's card to access their profile. By default, you will taken to the Overview tab.

4. The child's view is prominently divided into two halves ToDos and Classrooms listing.

5. The ToDos section shows the child's upcoming ToDos for the "NEXT 7 DAYS".

6. You can switch to the All events tab to view your child's aggregate events (which includes classroom and personal calendar events as well).

7. Tapping on an event will show the event's details along with its description.

8. The Classrooms listing lists all the classroom(s) of your child. Clicking on any classroom card will take you to that classrooms About page.

9. In case you have the permission to view a classrooms gradebook, then that option will also be available on hovering over the classroom card. Click on it to access that classroom's gradebook for your child.

Parents can have access to all the assignments that are shared with their child when they have access to their gradebook. Although, instructors can restrict this access by choosing to show or not show an assignment to parents in their child's gradebook.

A score heatmap will be shown in the parent view of the classrooms, to show a quick summary of their child's recent assessment/mastery performance.

10. You can view your child's performance by viewing the published scores of your child in all the available assessments.

11. You can also view the attempt of your child if made available by the classroom instructor. Furthermore, you will be able to view the available feedback (comments) on your child's attempt. You can scroll through through the comments, if required.

Accessing your Child's Calendar

By default, the Teamie calendar displays events of all of your children’s classrooms. However, you can filter the calendar events to view events of certain classrooms at any given point of time.

Let's see how you can access and view your child's calendar events.

1. Click the Calendar tab on the child's profile.

2. By default, the calendar displays events of all your child's classrooms.

3. You can click on any event's Title to view its full description.

4. Click All Event Types filter to filter the calendar events on event basis. By default, all events are selected.

The events is further categorized into the following sections:

  • Events: Apply this filter to view the list of events created in the classrooms
  • Tasks: Apply this filter to view the list of tasks/homework that your child has completed or is yet to complete.
  • Lessons: Apply this filter to view the list of lessons created by an instructor in your child's classroom. (Note: lessons without Available From and Available Till dates will not appear in calendar view.)
  • Assessments: Apply this filter to view the list of assessments created in your child's classrooms.
  • Sessions: Apply this filter to view information about the sessions created so far in your child's classrooms

5. To narrow down your search, you can tick/untick an event from the drop-down menu. This will filter the calendar view accordingly. You'll notice that the moment you un-tick some event types from the drop-down menu, events of such resources will start disappearing automatically from the calendar and you'll see the calendar events of the selected resources type only.

6. You can see a list of classrooms by clicking the calendar drop-down menu.

7. By default, all classrooms are selected. Uncheck to view the events from the classroom(s) of your choice.

8. You can filter events and due dates by the Month, Week, or Day basis.

9. You can also use the calendar’s navigation arrows to view Past or Future month events.

Viewing Recent Activities Log of your Child

Your child’s Recent activities log shows a list of activities performed by him/her on different resources (like posts, lessons and assessments) within a classroom, in a chronological order.

This article will guide you on how to check the recent activities log of your child.

1. Click Recent activities.

2. On the Recent activities page, you will see the log of activities your child has done on daily basis.

3. Click Activity Type filter to select the type of activity you wish to filter. By default, the Activity type filter is set to --any--. To see the log of activities for your child's account, select Users from the Activity Type drop-down list and click Filter.

The following changes (made by administrators) can also be tracked through the Recent Activities tab on your child's profile page:

  • Role change history
  • Username change history
  • First and Last name change history
  • Email change history
  • Change in any additional meta fields (if applicable for any Teamie site)

The Recent Activities tab will show the change log with the new and the old values, for adding and updating users, in a tabular format for quickly viewing the change.

4. In case you wish to know the number of lessons completely read by your child, then select Lessons from the drop-down menu and apply the filter by clicking Filter button.

5. You will see the details of lessons your child has read completely.

6. Repeat step 4 & 5 to know the details of assessments attempted by your child so far.

7. Similarly you can view the recent activities performed by your child on different posts, when:

  • he/she creates a new post (thought/question)
  • he/she replies or add comments to a post
  • he/she likes a post made by some other user.

8. You may apply the Calendar filter to view the recently created/updated/deleted calendar events.

9. You can also apply activity type filter with date range combinations. For eg: you may wish to know how many lessons were read in the current week by your child.

To do this, select Lessons filter first and then select This week filter from the Activities from - to field.

10. Click Filter.

11. You will see a list of lessons that your child has read completely in the current week.

12. Similarly, you can choose other date filter quickly like Last week, This month and Last month.

13. Click Custom Range in order to select a specific period date range from the date picker.

14. Click Filter.

15. The Recent activities log would be filtered based on the selected selected search criteria.

In case, Stories / Badges feature is enabled on the Teamie site, you will be able to view the Stories and/or Badges tabs on your child's profile as well.

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