Creating and Managing Sections

‘Sections’, as the name suggests deals with categorizing stuff according to one’s requirement. We have done exactly that! Note the keyword being ‘requirement’. As an instructor you might have the requirement to club certain lessons and assessments together and put them in a folder primarily and create a learning sequence. 'Sections' does exactly this job and helps you impart a learning sequence to your content in Teamie. You can also reorder resources within the sections as per your wish. In fact, instead of having two separate tabs to view lessons and assessments, now we’re making it a single tab called “All Materials”. You can find all the lessons and assessments of your classroom here.

This article will guide you on:

Creating a section

1. Hover over a Classroom's card on the home page and then click Materials tab to go to the materials page of the required classroom.

2. On the Materials page, you will see the list of all the materials (lessons and assessments) of that classroom.

3. On the Materials page, you have the freedom to add a new section at any desired location. Hovering your mouse pointer over the empty space at the top/ between or right below the last section displays, a +Add Section link. Click it at the desired location to create a new section at that location.

4. Enter the Section title and then click Create Section button.

Also, hovering your mouse pointer over the empty space in between two resources or right below the last item displays a +Add link which gives you the flexibility to add section at the corresponding location. Click it at the desired location to create a new section at that location.

5. The new section will be created with the default description (as set the by administrator).

6. Click the placeholder text to update/add a new description to the newly created section.

7. Add the required description.

8. You can format your section description using the rich text formatting tools. Rich text will support the following options: Bold, Italics, Underline, Hyperlink, Bulleted List, Numbered List and Blockquote. You can also use the following keyboard shortcuts to format the section’s description:

Bold : ctrl+b

Underline: ctrl+u

Italic: ctrl+i

Once a word/phrase is hyperlinked, clicking on it will allow you to modify the URL. For a learner, clicking on the link will open the link in a new tab.

9. Click Save Section to save the changes.

10. All the changes made in the section will be saved shortly.

Editing a section

As an instructor, you can rename a section's title, modify its description. You can use rich text formatting tools to format the section's description.

1. On the Materials listing page, you can see all the sections created by you. In this example, we will show you how to rename a section’s title and update its description.

If you have not created any section in your classroom, then you will find all the classroom resources under a default section, named "Learning Resources". You can easily edit this section as per your requirement along with adding any other sections to the Materials page.

2. Rename the Section title and update its description as required.

3. Click Save Section to save the changes. After the changes are saved, the section title and its description will be updated successfully.

Reorganizing Sections

1. On the Materials page, click Collapse Sections to collapse all the sections in order to reorder them.

2. You will be able to see the count of Lessons and Assessments in each a section when sections are collapsed.

3. Click and drag the required Section and release the mouse to drop the Section in a new location.

Rearranging items within/across the Sections

It is easy to reorder and move Resources (lessons and assessments) within /across the sections.

1. On the Materials page, you will a see list of sections which has some resources within them. You can reorder and move those resources within / across the sections.

2. You can drag and drop a lesson within / across the sections by clicking the left mouse button and then moving the lesson while keeping the mouse button pushed down and release the mouse to drop the lesson at the desired location.

3. The moment you drop a lesson to the new location, the lesson gets reordered successfully.

4. Similarly you can reorder and move the items within a section. Click and drag the items and release the mouse to drop the items in a new location.

5. In this example, a lesson titled ["Planning Poker" in Agile Project Management] has been reordered and moved from second to first position.

Expanding / Collapsing all sections

1. On the All materials page, click Expand Sections to expand all the collapsed sections within a classroom. The expanded sections will remain expanded, if any.

2. Clicking Expand Sections will expand all the collapsed sections and you will see all the materials which have been created in each section.

3. Similarly, click Collapse Sections to collapse all the expanded sections.

Collapse Sections button will appear only when you expand all the sections of the classroom. This can come in handy when you want to reorder the sections.

4. Clicking Collapse Sections will collapse all the sections and you may reorder the sections, if needed, using the section handles.

You can also see the count of lessons and assessments inside a section when the sections are collapsed.

Expanding / Collapsing a particular section

1. Click anywhere on the collapsed section or the down arrow sign to expand a collapsed section.

2. The section will be expanded and you will see all the materials created in that section.

3. Similarly, click the up arrow sign of a expanded section that you want to collapse.

4. Clicking the upper arrow sign will collapse the expanded section.

Once a section is collapsed, you can see the count of Lessons and Assessments inside the section.

Deleting a Section

1. On the classroom’s Materials page and click the gear icon of the corresponding section and then select Delete Section option.

2. Click Yes, Remove! to confirm the delete action because this action can’t be rolled back and deleted sections can’t be restored, once deleted.

3. Once you click Yes, Remove!, the selected section would be deleted permanently.

Do not worry, items or resources of the deleted section will not get deleted and all the items in the section will move to the section above the removed section in your classroom.

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