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As a learner, you would be able to see the list of published lessons on the materials page of your classrooms. Additionally, you would also see the other important information related to the lessons such as deadline of the lesson and the number of lesson pages you have read so far (generally referred as lesson progress). You can also switch between card and list view as per your convenience.

This article will guide you on:

Viewing lesson progress

You can easily view the progress you have made in a lesson on Teamie.

1. Click Materials of the required classroom.

2. You can also access lessons of a classroom by clicking Materials from that classroom's landing page and then clicking Lessons.

3. Card view is the default view in which lessons are displayed on the lesson listing page. It clearly shows the number of pages you have read so far in a given lesson.

4. Click List to switch to the list view.

5. You can also view the number of lesson pages read of a lesson in the donut chart format from the list view on the lesson listing page. A tick will be shown infront of a lesson when you read all the lesson pages of the lesson. This way you can easily view how many lesson you have completely read.

6. When you hover over the donut chart, you will be able to view how many lesson pages you have read out of the total lesson pages present in a lesson.

Checking a lesson’s Available Till Date

Lessons can have a Available Till Date, after which they will no longer be accessible to you for reading. Let's see how you can check a lesson's Available Till date.

1. You can view the Available Till date of any lesson from the list view of a lesson on the lesson listing page.

2. You can also view the Available Till date from the lesson landing page in the information block. Make sure you read the lesson completely before its Available Till date.

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