Emoji Support in Teamie

Emojis convey emotions that are difficult to sum up in words, and therefore Teamie also supports emojis!

This article will guide you on:

The Teamie resources which supports emojis

Teamie allow users to input emojis in the following places:

1. Posts

  1. In the text of a post (thought / question / homework)
  2. In the text of a comment / reply on a post

2. Lessons

  1. In the Learning Goals of a lesson
  2. In the title of a lesson
  3. In the title of a lesson page
  4. In the title of an item in a lesson page
  5. In any textbox in a lesson page

3. Assessments

  1. In the description text of an assessment
  2. In the title of an assessment

4. Stories

  1. In the title of a story
  2. In the description of a story
  3. In any textbox of a story item
  4. In any title of a story item
  5. In the text of a comment on a story item

The emojis used in the above places will be viewable in the mobile app as well. Furthermore, you can also use emojis while creating posts, comments or replies through the Teamie mobile apps.

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