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Locking comments in a post

Locking comments in a post will restrict users from viewing comments made on the post until they post a comment of their own. Sometimes when you put up a question for discussion, the earlier comments may influence the first comment of another learner. To prevent this and to let the learner think independently, you can choose to use the lock comments options.

1. Click Post on the classroom newsfeed.

2. Add a post (thought, question or task).

3. Enable Lock comments.

4. Click Post.

5. A confirmation message appears.

6. When a learner views the post, he/she will be asked to make a comment before viewing other comments.

Note: Users with appropriate permission (like instructors and site administrators) can view the comments even if they're locked.

Pinning Posts

There are certain posts that you might need the users to keep seeing for a given period of time. Example, a quiz is coming up in a weeks time and you would like the learners to be aware of this for that week. In order to fulfill this, you can create a post and then pin it to the top of the newsfeed. Here is how you can pin a post in your classroom's newsfeed.

1. Select the required classroom from the landing page.

2. Click the ellipsis (...) of the post which you want to pin to top of the classroom landing page.

3. Select Pin Post. The post will be pinned in your classroom and will appear at the top of the classroom landing page. Your pinned post will stay at the top until you unpin it or pin any other post to appear at the top.

4. The post will be pinned at the top of the classroom for all users who visit the classroom. Pinned label will appear on the pinned post.

5. In case a post is already pinned in your classroom and you try to pin another post, you'll get a Too many Pinned Posts pop-up. You can click Confirm to unpin the current pinned post and then pin a new post.

Note 1: Even if you add a new post or update an existing one, the pinned post will still be placed at the top of the classroom newsfeed.

Note 2: Similar procedure can be performed to pin a post from the landing page's newsfeed. Keep in mind that the pinned posts will only appear at the top of their respective classroom newsfeed and not on the landing page newsfeed.

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