Instructors - Importing SCORM Packages as a Lesson

This section will guide you on:

Adding a SCORM lesson

1. Click Lessons of the classroom in which you want to add a SCORM lesson.

2. Click +Add SCORM Lesson.

3. Create Lesson window opens. Add the details.

4. Click Upload SCORM content at the bottom of the window and upload SCORM content. Allowed file type is .zip (its size should not exceed 100 MB).

5. Choose the publishing option as required and Click Save.

6. A confirmation message appears on the landing page. Click Publish to publish the SCORM lesson.

7. Learners will be able to access the SCORM lesson from the lesson listing page after it is published.

Note: SCORM lessons will have a SCORM label in the adjacent column on the lesson listing page.

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