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Adding an announcement

You can make any post in the newsfeed an announcement. Making it an announcement, will send out the notifications to everyone in the classroom. Refer to the steps below.

Note: You must be on the classroom lading class feed page to share a post as an annoucement.

1. Click Post on the classroom landing class feed page.

Adding an announcement

2. Type out the content of your announcement.

3. Click the announcement to make this post an announcement.

4. Click the Email if you want to send the announcement as an email.

5. Click the Notifications if you want to send the announcement as a notification. Notifications will be viewable only if the user logs in to Teamie. Or if the user has the Teamie mobile app installed, he/she will get a push notification.

6. Click the Post to add your announcement.

7. A confirmation message is displayed to indicate your announcement has been posted.

Adding a task

You can add a task for your learners to attempt. It could be a simple task like reading a lesson before come to the class or an offline assessment to evaluate the learners' performance.

1. Click Classrooms on the top navigation bar and select a classroom to which you want to add the task.

Adding a task

2. Click Post .

3. Click the Task.

4. Type out the task details in the text box.

5. Select the task due date.

6. Select the task completion time.

7. Tick All Day if the task takes a full day to complete.

8. You can also change the task to become an offline test. To do that, tick Create Offline Test. This is optional feature.

9. Type out the title of the offline test and its maximum score.

10. To set the offline test as an evaluation of the learners, tick Consider for Scores box. Key in the weighted scores carried by this offline test in the Weightage text box.

11. Click the Post to add a task to the classroom Newsfeed.

Sharing a post with multiple classrooms

On Teamie, it is easy to share the same post to multiple classrooms. This feature will save your time when you need to repeat the same message to members of multiple classrooms.

Note: Sharing a post with multiple classrooms, creates a unique copy in each classroom. You cannot edit all posts together after posting.

1. Click Post in the newsfeed.

Sharing a post with multiple classrooms

2. Type out the contents of your post in the textbox.

3. Click Select Classroom and a classroom list appears.

4. Tick the classrooms you want to share your post with.

5. Click the Post to share your post with multiple classrooms.

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