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When you move from one academic term to another then you will have to archive the classrooms that are not required in the new term, create new classrooms by copying content from the related classrooms of the old term and carry forward multi-term classrooms. This process is called as term rollover. The term Rollover, gives you the flexibility to archive (unpublish) the classrooms of the current academic term before setting up the classrooms for next academic term with the new users.

Note: If you have multi-term classrooms which you would like to rollover for next academic term with same set of users, then being a School Administrator you must follow the steps as explained further in this section. You can also import new users into the classrooms which have been rolled over from previous academic term.

This article will guide you on:

Archiving a classroom

Note: Please ensure that you do not archive the multi-term classrooms you wish to roll them over for next academic term.

For information about archiving classrooms, see section, “Archiving classrooms”.

Updating a classroom Unique Code for multi-term classrooms (e.g. 2 year classrooms)

In some scenarios, an instructor would like to keep a classroom and it content (e.g posts, lessons and assessments) and roll it over to the next academic term along with the learners.

The purpose of this section is to assist you with how you should deal with multi-term classrooms.

Update classroom unique code in Teamie if the bulk import file that you are going to use to import new users in Teamie have a new classroom unique code.

You need to add new users to the rolled over classroom. Also, it will help in synchronizing the data between Teamie and your School Management System.

Scenario: Assuming you have a multi-term classroom named “Teamie Sandbox” and the classroom unique code is “Teamie_Sand_2014”. You want to roll this classroom over to the next academic term in 2015 with additional learners. You also maintain the classroom information, including the unique codes, in another database and want to ensure that the information in both Teamie and your database is in sync, then if you change the classroom unique code in your database to Teamie_Sand_2015 then you need to update the classroom unique code of "Teamie Sandbox" from "Teamie_Sand_2014" to "Teamie_Sand_2015" before you import new users into the classroom.

For information about viewing and updating classroom unique code, see section, “Updating classroom unique code”.

Now, as a School Administrator, you will be having few questions like:

1. Why do I need to update classroom unique code if a classroom can be reused for next academic term with new users?

Ans: You need to update the classroom unique code in Teamie only for scenarios where the classroom unique code for a multi-term classroom has been updated in your database.

2. What will happen if I do not update the classroom unique code and start importing the new users?

Ans: If you do not update the classroom unique code in Teamie and start importing the new users to the rolled over classroom with the new unique code as per your School Management System, then a new classroom will be created with the same name but different unique code and only the new users will be added to the newly created classroom.

Note: Teamie does not track changes made in classroom unique code. So, you should save the current unique code information in your system for future reference.

Creating new classrooms

Once the rollover process is successfully completed, the next step will be to create the classrooms, adding learners, creating resources or copying resources (such as lessons, assessments from archived classrooms by using the Import Content feature) for new academic term.

1a. For information about creating a classroom through UI, see section, “Creating a classroom".

1b. For information about creating classrooms by using bulk import, see section, “Importing classrooms".

2a. For information about adding a user to multiple classrooms through UI, see section, “Adding a user to multiple classrooms".

2b. For information about adding users to multiple classrooms by using bulk import, see section "Adding users by using bulk import and focus on step no 6".

3a. For information about copying content from existing classrooms to new classrooms, see section "Importing content from a classroom".

3b. For information about adding content through UI, see sections, "Posting to Newsfeed", "Creating and managing lessons", "Creating and managing assignments" and "Creating and managing online quizzes" respectively.

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