Instructors - Creating and Managing Offline Tests

Adding an offline Test

This section will help you guide on how to add an Offline Test.

1. Click Assessments of the classroom in which you want to add an Offline Quiz.

2. Click Add Offline Quiz.

3. Tick Consider this Offline Test for Scores and enter its weightage if you want the scores obtained in this offline test to be considered for evaluation.

4. Select offline test's start date and end date from the calendar.

5. Type in the Name of the offline test, enter the Maximum score and select the classroom with whom you want to share this offline test.

6. Type in the Quiz Level and Quiz category as required.

7. Click Create.

8. A confirmation message appears.

Assigning scores, grading and publishing scores

This section will guide you on how to assign scores, grade, and publish marks of an offline test.

1. Click Assessments of the required classroom.

2. Click the required offline test.

3. Select Submissions from the more drop-down menu.

4. Enter score of the learner who took this offline test.

5. In case of a competency based offline test, grade as required.

6. Click Publish scores to publish score of this offline test.

Note: Click Save scores to save the scores of the offline test. These scores will be saved and can be published anytime in the future.

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