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Adding a new user to the site

Note: Only administrator role user can add people to Teamie.

1. Click Add people in the Manage Teamie block.

Adding a new user to the site

2. Click the appropriate button, depending on the role of the new user.

3. Type in the new user's username and email address.

4. Type in the default password for the new user to use to login. Type in the same password again in the Confirm password text box.

5. The user status is set to "Active" by default. If you do not want the user to access Teamie as soon as the account is created, click the "Blocked" radio button.

6. Tick the Notify user of new account checkbox if you want to send an email to the new user.

Note: The new user's username and email address must be unique.

7. Fill out all the new user's personal information and school information, e.g First Name and Last Name. Select the new user's gender.

8. Click Create new account to add the new user to the site.

Creating classrooms and adding users by using bulk import

This article explains on how you can create a new classroom and add users to it by using the bulk import process.

Note: Only School Administrator will be able to import new users and classrooms in Teamie.

1. Click Manage Teamie block.

Creating classrooms and adding users by using bulk import

2. Click Import People.

3. Click Download Template to download the excel template file.

4. Open the Template to fill in the required data.

5. The EXCEL template contain the following columns:

  • User name : Enter a unique user name which could an alphanumeric string e.g. John2.
  • User mail : Enter the user's email address. You must provide a unique e-mail address for each user account. If an email address already exists in Teamie, then the same email address cannot be associated with a user account present in the EXCEL template and during import process that user account will be skipped.
  • User pass : Enter the password for the user. Password is case sensitive.
  • User roles: Select a role for the user.
  • User First Name : Enter the user's first name.
  • User Last Name : Enter the user's Last name.
  • Classroom Unique Code : Enter the classroom unique code. Classroom unique code can be a unique alphanumeric string along with special characters such as hyphen, asterisks, etc., for example: SUPHERO_1.

Note: Classroom unique code is not case sensitive. For example, Superhero 101 is a classroom whose unique code can be defined as "SUPHERO_1" , "Suphero_1" or "SUPHero_1". If you try to create another classroom with any of these possible combinations by using the bulk import, then classroom creation will not take place.

  • Classroom Title : Enter the classroom title.

Note: The fields in the template can be modified. Refer to Configuring Bulk Import Template for more information.

6. You can also import the new users to existing classrooms (including those which have been rolled over from previous academic term). To do this, you must know the exact classroom unique code and title. For additional information about viewing a classroom unique code and title, see section, “Viewing classroom unique code and focus on step no 4”.

7. You can repeat step 5 to add new users to the same classroom or add same users to new classrooms.

8. Once you have entered the required information in the respective columns, the excel sheet is ready to be imported into Teamie. Click Choose File to select the template.

9. Select the Template and click Open.

10. Selected template will be uploaded shortly.

11. Tick Email one-time login link to new users checkbox to send one-time login link to new users and then click Import The Data Set.

12. You will see the progress of importing user accounts process on your screen.

13. Once the import process is successfully completed, you will be redirected back to the Manage People page, where you can see the users who have been imported and classrooms that they are part of.

You can search for any user that has been imported recently by typing his/her email id in E-email text box, then click Apply.

14. You will see that user in the search along with the associated information.

Configuring the Bulk Import Template

You can configure the bulk import template to suit the data set that you have.

1. Click Import People.

Configuring the Bulk Import Template

2. Click "here" to access the template configuration page.

3. Tick the field checkbox (e.g Username, Email, etc.) to select it. The selected fields will be appeared in the bulk import template.

4. Click Save configuration to save the template configurations.

Notifying users of their New Accounts

You can notify users about creation of their accounts. An email will be sent to them stating that their account has been created recently. Refer to the following steps.

1. Click and expand MANAGE TEAMIE pane.

2. Click People.

3. Click and select the required classroom. To select multiple classrooms press Ctrl + left click on the required classrooms.

4. Click Select some roles.. list box.  

5. Click and select the required role from the list box.

Note: You can use the filters to search for the users that you want to send the notification. You can search the users by their role, name, groups (classrooms),  active status, first letter of the name, or email.

6. Click Apply.

7. Tick the checkbox at the top left of the table to select all the users row on the current page.

8. In order to select all the user rows on 'all' the pages, click Select all n rows in this view. (where n = total number of rows; here '96')

9. Select Notify user of account from the Operations drop-down menu.

10. Click Execute.

11. The required action will be performed after the progress bar reaches 100%. The system will send email notifications to the selected users on their new Teamie account. Simple as that!

12. A confirmation message appears.

13. Your work is done here! Now Teamie will send user(s) an email notifying them that an account has been created for them by a site administrator. For instance, in the following screen shot you can see that Jessica Karl has been received an email from Teamie that an account has been created for her by a site administrator.

Updating a user's role

Note: Only Teamie site administrator can assign the administrator role to a user. Please contact Teamie if you want a user to be assigned with the administrator role.

1. Click People.

Updating a user's role

2. Select the user whose role you wish to update.

3. Click the Operations list box. Click Manage roles in the list and click Execute.

4. Select the roles in the Add roles box that you want to add to the user. If you want to remove roles from the user, select the roles that you want to remove in the Remove role box. Click Next to proceed.

5. The user's updated role is displayed in the user table.

Updating a user's memberships

You can perform this action only if you have access to the "Manage Teamie" block. Refer to article "Managing User's Classroom Membership" for more information.

Blocking users

When a user is blocked at site level, the user's posts, comments, assessments access etc. are NOT removed from Teamie. These data remain intact. The user blocking is temporary preventing the user from accessing and receiving any notifications from the Teamie

1. Click Add People.

Blocking users

2. Use the filters to find the user that you wish to block. Click Apply.

3. Select the users you wish to block by ticking the appropriate checkbox.

3. Click Block user(s) from the Operations drop-down menu. Click Execute.

5. Verify the list of users that are selected for blocking. Click Confirm to block the selected user(s).

Unblocking users

1. Click edit to unblock the user that you wish.

Unblocking users

2. Click Active to unblock the user.

3. Click Save. The user account is activated and the user can login to Teamie.

Deleting a user's account

1. Click View & manage people in the Manage Teamie block.

Deleting a user's account

2. Search the user you wish to delete from the site. You can use available filters to find a user quickly by adding the required filtering information and clicking Apply. In this case we have used user's email Id.

3. Click Edit.

4. To the bottom of the user’s editing page and click Cancel accounts to delete the user's account permanently from the site.

5. Select the method to cancel/delete the account and then click Cancel account.

Note: If you choose Cancel account action, user will be deleted/removed from the site. This action can not be undone.

6. The Canceling or Deleting account action progress bar appears.

7. Once the Canceling account action is completed, the user will be deleted from the site permanently.

You can validate this by entering the user's email id in Email text box and click Apply. System will show a message saying that "Either there are no users on the site or there were no users matching that filter criteria".

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