Instructors - Managing the Newsfeed

Editing any post

You can edit any post added by learners in the classroom newsfeed. 

1. Click the ellipsis (...) icon of the post that you want to edit.

Editing any post

2. From the drop-down menu, click Edit.

3. Edit the contents of the learner's post. Click Update when you have finish editing the learner's post.

Deleting any post

If a learner adds a post that is not related to the classroom or you feel is inappropriate, you can delete that particular post.

1. Click the ellipsis (...) icon for the post that you want to delete.

Deleting any post

2. From the drop-down menu, click Delete.

3.Click Yes to confirm the deletion of the learner's post.

Note: The post will be deleted permanently.

Viewing authors of anonymous posts

On Teamie, learners can add posts anonymously. As an instructor, you can view the author of each anonymous post. This is done to ensure that the learners cannot get away with posting anything they wish.

As shown below, the author's name is visible to an instructor along with the word "Anonymous" in brackets.  

Viewing authors of anonymous posts

Viewing reported posts

Users can report inappropriate posts. When a post is reported by any user, post owner can delete the reported post.

Whenever a post is reported by a user, a bulletin board notification send out to the concern user who shared the post.

1. Click notification message to view the reported posts.

Viewing reported posts

2. You will see a label indicating that post has been reported. You can edit the reported post or delete it.

Mark as right

When a learner added a good reply to your post, you can mark the reply as right answer.

1. Click Mark As Right on the post you wish to mark as right.

Mark as right

2. The post that you have marked as right has a green stripe on the left of the post. This stripe is making the post a standout.

Note: If the classroom has the gamification setting enabled, the learner will get extra Teamie points for the post that has marked as right by you.

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