Learner- Uploading Google Documents in Post and Assessments

Teamie is integrated with Google Drive which gives you the flexibility to attach Google Documents (such as word document, sheets, pdf's and more) from your Google Drive to posts and assessments very quickly within Teamie. You can share some interesting stuff with others and ask them to collaborate.

This article will guide you on:

Uploading a Google document in a post (Thought or question post)

1. Click Post.

Uploading a Google document in a post (Thought or question post)

2. Type out the content of the post.

3. Click Document.

4. Click Choose from Google.. to select a document from your Google Drive.

5. Select the file you want to upload and click Select.

6. You will see the progress of your file upload.

8. To view the file, click the filename. To remove the file, click X.

9. You can change document sharing settings as per your requirement. There are two sharing options:

  • Allow View Access - Users can see the attached Google document but can’t edit or comment on it.
  • Allow Comment Access - Users can view and add comments, but can’t perform edit action.

10. Select the classroom you want to share your post with.

11. Click Post to share your post with the selected classroom.

Note: Learners are not allowed to share post with multiple classrooms.

12. Once the post is shared with the selected classroom, you will see that post on the newsfeed. To view the file, click the filename.

13. The attached Google document will open in the new tab where you can read the content.

Uploading a Google Document as submission to an assessment

1. Click Assessments for any classroom of your choice.

Uploading a Google Document as submission to an assessment

2. Select an assignment to which you wish to make a submission and click it.

3. Click Choose from Google...

4. Locate the folder and select the file you want to upload, then click Select.

5. Selected Gogole document will be uploaded shortly. You can also type out the text in rich text editor while making the submission.

Note: This is optional and depends on assignment settings whether instructor has allowed textual submission or not.

6. Click Submit for Evaluation.

7. A confirmation message appears to inform you that you have uploaded a Google document and so on. Click Yes to confirm or Cancel to make any change in your submission.

8. A notification message confirms that you have successfully made a submission. Click View Submission to view the submission you have made.

9. The submitted document will open in the same window.

Note: Repeat the same steps for making a Google document submission to open-ended questions in a quiz.

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