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As an instructor, you can do the following workflows in addition to these workflows.

This article will guide you on:

Adding a task

You can add a task for your learners to attempt. It could be a simple task like reading a lesson before coming to the class.

1. Click the global Add (+) button at the top right corner.

2. Select Task / Homework.

Task / Homework is a white-labelled term and therefore can vary from client to client.

3. Select the classroom from the drop down list. As an instructor, you can select one or more classrooms to share the post.

If you are trying to share a post from classroom's landing page, then that classroom will be auto selected in the "Share with"  drop down field.

4. Type out the task details in the post share box.

Note: You can also add attachments to your task such as Link, Image, Document, Audio, Video, and recently used hashtags. For this refer to "Adding a thought". You can also tag resources to your posts.

6. Click on Due on: panel to set the due time in which learners should complete the task.

7. Select the task due date and completion time.

7. If you want to be more efficient in your task creation, we just might have the right tools for you. You can select your task's due date and time by just one click from our given preset SHORTCUTS.

8. Click Post Now to add the task to the classroom newsfeed.

Note: You can also make your post a draft or a schedule post.

9. A confirmation message appears. The task will be created for learners to complete.

Adding an announcement

You can make any post in the newsfeed as an announcement. Making it an announcement will send out the notifications to everyone in the classroom. Refer to the steps below.

1. Click the global Add (+) at the top-right corner of the page and create the required post.

2. Type out the content of your announcement. Add attachments and / or resources, if required.

Note: Select the classroom(s) if you are using '+' from the main newsfeed.

3. Click announcement to share this post as an announcement.

4. By default the method of announcement will be set as bulletin board notification.

Note: Notifications will be viewable only if the user logs in to Teamie. Or if the user has the Teamie mobile app installed, he/she will get a push notification.

5. Click Email if you wish to send the announcement both as an email and a bulletin board notification.

6. Click Post Now to share your post as an announcement.

Note: You can also make your post a draft or a schedule post.

7. A confirmation message appears. Now everyone in the classroom will be informed about your post!

8. The email notification will have the complete text of the original post and support any rich text added to the post. The recipient will be able to clearly view the notification message followed by the content (post / comment / reply). The notification will also include the count of attachment(s) that are added to the post.

9. The email notification will also inform users about any poll, if attached to a question post.

10. In case of a homework / task post, the deadline details will be communicated clearly to the learner from the body of the email itself.

If required, announcement option can be enabled, by default, at the site-level while creating posts on Teamie. This will mean that, as an instructor, when you create any type of post (Thought / Question / Homework) on Teamie, the announcement option will be enabled by default. You can also choose which notification delivery mode(s) should be enabled by default - Bulleting board notifications, email notifications or both. In case you wish to enable this on your site, kindly write to us or contact your Teamie account administrator.

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Sharing a post with multiple classrooms

On Teamie, it is easy to share the same post with multiple classrooms. This feature will save your time when you need to repeat the same message to members of multiple classrooms.

Sharing a post with multiple classrooms, creates a unique copy in each classroom. You cannot edit all posts together after posting. Also, the changes made in one post will not reflect in other posts that are shared with other classrooms.

1. Click the global Add (+) at the top-right corner.

2. Select the post type.

3. Type out the contents of your post in the post share box.

4. Click "Share with...".

Note: The Share with field will be auto selected to the classroom you are in, if any.

5. Tick the classrooms you want to share your post with.

6.  Click Post Now.

Note: You can also make your post a draft or a schedule post, or make it as an announcement.

7. A confirmation message appears. Post will be shared with the required classrooms and will be displayed on their respective newsfeeds. Time saved is money earned!

Switching between existing post types

One time or another, most of you would have wanted to change one post type to another. Say, a thought post that you shared might have been better as a question post or a question post you created might have been more effective with a deadline. Wouldn't that be nice? Well, you can now make those changes and edit an existing post type to convert it to any other post type.

You can edit an existing thought post to make it a question post with a poll, add deadline to make it a task post or add both poll and deadline to the thought post. Once a post is converted to another type, it will attain all its functionality. For instance, if a thought post is converted to a task post, then it will be included in learners To-Dos and learners will also be able to mark it as done.

You can:

  • Edit a thought post to convert it to a question post with poll
  • Edit a thought post to convert it to a task post
  • Edit a question post to convert it to a thought post
  • Edit a question post to convert it to a task post
  • Edit a task post to convert it to a thought post
  • Edit a task post to convert it to a question post

Currently, you can switch between posts only while editing a post and not while creating them.

1. Click the ellipsis  (...) of the required thought post.

2. Click Edit from the drop down.

3. Now, you will be see the option to add poll and deadline. Click +Add Poll to attach poll to your thought and convert it to a "question" post.

You need to add poll options to a thought post to make it a question post. In case, you click the +Add Poll button and save the post by clicking the Save Changes button (without adding any poll options), then the post will remain as a thought post.

4. Create the poll and then click Save Changes to convert the thought post to question post.

You can add poll to a thought post type to make it a question post. You can also remove the poll from a question if it hasn't been taken by any user. This will turn the question post to a thought post.


5. Once a post is converted to a question post with poll, you can edit it again and click Remove Poll and then click Save Changes.

6. Clicking Save Changes remove the poll and convert the question post back to a thought post.

7. To convert a thought post to a task / homework post, edit a thought post and click +Add Deadline.

9. Then click Save Changes to convert the thought post into a task post.

You can also add a poll in a task post too (although it still will remain a task post, albeit one with a poll).

10. Edit the post again and click "X" to remove the deadline from the task post. Click Save Changes to convert it to a thought post. In case the task post has a poll attached, then it will become question post.

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