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Viewing authors of anonymous posts

On Teamie, learners can add posts anonymously. As an instructor, you can view the author of each anonymous post. This is done to ensure that the learners cannot get away with posting anything they wish.

As shown below, the author's name is visible to an instructor along with the word "Anonymous" in brackets.

Marking user's response as right

When you think a learner has added a good reply to your post (question type), you can mark their response (reply or comment reply) as right.

1. Click tick mark (Mark As Right) on the post you wish to mark as right.

2. The post that you have marked as right will have a green stripe on its left. This stripe makes the post a standout.

Note: If the classroom has the gamification setting enabled, the learner will get extra Teamie points for the post that has marked as right by you.

The user whose response you have marked as right will get a notification.

Deleting any post

If a learner adds a post that is not related to the classroom or you feel is inappropriate, you can delete that particular post.

1. Click ellipsis (...) for the post that you want to delete.

2. From the drop-down menu, click Delete.

3. Click Yes to confirm the deletion of the learner's post.

Note: The post will be deleted permanently.

4. All done! The post will not bother you anymore.

Exporting Poll Results

As an instructor, you can export the poll results of any question post with a poll. The export will provide you with a convenient and efficient way to analyze and track the poll data. Let's see how you can do it.

1. Click the settings (ellipsis icon) for the required question post with a poll whose results you wish to export. Then, select Export Poll Results.

2. Clicking the export action will trigger the export of the poll results in an excel format. Open the exported excel sheet.

3. The poll export has two sheets. The first 'Question Details' sheet shows the following details:

  • Classroom in which the poll has been shared
  • Last date and time when the poll was updated
  • The text of the question poll
  • Table with poll options, vote count and vote %


4. The second 'Poll Results' sheet has the following details:

  • Question (poll) text
  • Poll options
  • Name of the users who have voted for the respective poll option(s)
Exporting Classroom Newsfeed

1. Access the Posts page of the required classroom/module whose newsfeed you wish to export.

Module is a whitelabelled term for Classroom and can vary from site to site.

2. Click EXPORT.

3. Then click Export Newsfeed.  

4. The export will be initiated and you will receive a link on your registered email to download the exported excel file.

5. Access the email sent to your registered email ID and click Download Export.

The Download Export link will be available for only 7 days from the date of receiving the report. Kindly download the report before that.

Effective Communication Skills Newsfeed Export (30-09-2021 07:24 PM SGT) - - Teamie Pte Ltd Mail

5. The Report will be downloaded in the excel format. Open the report. The first tab of the excel report will show the Info regarding the export such as date and time of export, name of classroom/module whose newsfeed is exported, its URL and the time zone of the export details.

6. The second tab will show the Newsfeed data with all the posts, comments, and replies in the newsfeed of the classroom/module.

7. The exported newsfeed will show the following:

  • All the posts in the descending order of creation (newest posts at the top).
  • Each post will be followed by all its comments, and each comment will be followed by all its replies.
  • Each item will have an Type and Id. For comments and replies, a Parent Id column is shown and linked to the post/comment it was made on
  • The Author, Created and Updated, Announcement (yes/no), Due date (only if homework) will also be shown in the subsequent columns
  • This will be followed by a column with the Content of the post in plain text format
  • Any attachments added will be added as an Attachment count. [Only uploaded attachments (image/audio/video/document) are to be counted and the Link/embedded attachments are not included in the count]
  • The post(s) URL will also be shown in the exported excel report
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