Navigating the Newsfeed

Using Newsfeed filters

Classroom newsfeed filters are available on the classroom's newsfeed page. These allow you to filter different post types in combination with other filters, such as, classrooms, hashtags etc. Thus, letting you keep track of classroom's posts more efficiently. Read this to know more about how you can filter your classroom's newsfeed.

Identifying New Posts

1. Whenever a new post is created, you can identify it in two ways:

  • A fresh post count appearing alongside the name of the classroom on the home page, and
  • A notification counter alongside the respective classroom name in the sidebar.
Identifying New Posts

2. Click the classroom's name to view the new post.

Note: You can also access the classroom by clicking on the classroom name from the sidebar.

3. You will be able to view the post on that classroom's newsfeed.

4. After you have viewed the classroom's newsfeed, the notification counter will disappear from the home page and the sidebar implying no new posts in that classroom.

Identifying users who have seen a post

You can identify the users in a classroom that have seen a post added by you. Refer to the steps below:

1. Click the required classroom.

2. Click Seen by of the post to get information of the users who have seen the post.

Note: The number of users who have seen the post are shown on the post itself. For instance, in the following screenshot the number "Seen by 2" indicates that two users have seen the post.

3. A pop-up opens with the list of users who have seen the post. There you go!

Expanding conversation

When a post has many comments and replies (known as conversation), Teamie will collapse these conversations and leave only latest 2 comments that are added to the post. This is done to avoid cluttering the newsfeed with too many comments in the newsfeed.

1. Click Expand all comments to view all the comments and comment replies.

2. Teamie will list all the comments and comment replies in the post. Browse to a post as you wish.

3. In order to collapse the comments to the latest two comments only, click Collapse all comments.

4. Your post will be restored in the original state and only latest two comments will be available for you to view.

Reporting a post

As a learner, you can report inappropriate posts. When a post is reported by you, the instructor of that classroom will get a bulletin board notification and can decide to delete the reported post.

1. Click the ellipsis of the post that you want to report. It can be a normal post or anonymous post.

2. Select Report from the drop-down list.

3. A confirmation message appears.

4. The instructor of that classroom will be notified via a bulletin board notification.

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