Creating and Managing Grade Scheme

A grading scheme is a set of criteria that measures varying levels of achievement in a classroom. Grading schemes are based on percentage ranges, and each percentage range is given a name (name value could be alphanumeric). A grade scheme can include any number of achievement levels. Teamie has two types of Grading schemes, Private or Public. We will talk about each in detail.


  • Grading schemes only support two decimal places.
  • Grading schemes can be defined at the classroom level and site level but not at the assessments level. You can set any given grade scheme as default at site level and that grade scheme will become the default grade scheme for all classrooms that are newly created or doesn't have any set grade scheme. You can change the grade scheme later as per your requirement.

This article will guide you on:

Creating a Grade Scheme

1. Click sliding menu and select Manage Grade Scheme from the Manage Teamie block.

Creating a Grade Scheme

2. On the Manage Grade schemes page, click Add Grade Scheme.

Note: On this page, you will also be to view all the grade schemes that are created by you or that are public.

3. Type the name of grade scheme as you wish.

4. A default grade scheme is already in place for you to use. Click Preview to view the details of the existing grade scheme.

5. You can view the grade names and the ranges assigned to them (From and To) in the grade scheme.

6. You can also have a general idea of the grade scheme from the scale.

7. Double click on a grade label to edit it. An alert box will open.

8. The currently assigned label and value of the grade will be displayed. Change it according to your requirements. To change the label, type the label name (maximum three characters). To change the grade value, type a semicolon after the grade label followed by the required grade value. Then click OK.

Note: Label name can be alphanumeric, that is, you can use both alphabets and numerals in the label name.

9. You will be able to see the changes in the grade.

Note: You can also change the grade value by holding the grade label with your cursor and dragging it in left or right position to the required value on the scale. As soon as you start dragging the label from it current position on the scale, you will be able to see the change dynamically in the Current Value(%).

10. Double click on the changed label to preview its grade scheme.

11. Click Add to add a new grade. A new grade will be created with an asterisk (*) label and '0' grade value.

12. Double click on the grade to edit it.

13. Edit the grade by changing the grade label and assign the grade value as per your requirement. For example: In the following screenshot, the grade label is set as 'G' and assigned a value of 10%.

14. You can view the newly added grade in your Grade scheme.

15. Enter the custom grade labels as per your requirement.

16. Tick Public in case you want your Grade Scheme to be available for other instructors to use. Be generous!

17. Click Save to create the grade scheme.

18. A confirmation message appears. You will also be able to find the newly added grade scheme in the table at the Manage Grade schemes page form now onwards. Click it to view your grade scheme.

19. The grade scheme will open and you can view its details.

Editing a Grade Scheme

On the Edit Grade Scheme page, you can edit any existing grade scheme created by you. You can perform the following actions while editing a grade scheme:

  • Add a new grade.
  • Remove the newly added grade.
  • Reset the value of the grade scheme to default Teamie grade scheme.
  • Preview the grade scheme.
  • Enter new custom grade labels.

1. On the Manage Grade schemes page, click edit corresponding to the grade scheme that you want to edit.

2. The Edit Grade Scheme page opens.

3. Click Add to add a new grade label.

4. Enter the grade label and value as per your requirement.

5. Click Remove in case you don't want to keep the newly added grade (see step 3).

6. Click Reset.

7. Your grade scheme will now be reset to the default grade scheme provided by Teamie.

8. Click Preview to view the details regarding your grade scheme (grade and range).

9. Click Save to save the changes made in the grade scheme. You can also click View Changes to view the changes that you have made to the grade scheme or click Delete to delete the grade scheme.

Deleting a Grade Scheme

1. On the Manage Grade schemes page, click delete corresponding to the grade scheme that you want to remove.

Deleting a Grade Scheme

2. A confirmation message appears. Click Delete if you are sure that you want to delete the grade scheme. Say your goodbyes!

Note: Once deleted, the grade scheme cannot be recovered.

3. A confirmation message appears and your grade scheme will be deleted once and for all.

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