Messages allow users to communicate with each other privately. As a user you will be able to send messages to other users who are in the classrooms that you are part of. Such users are also known as your connections and they appear in the People block of the classroom.

This article will guide you on:

Sending a message

1. Click sliding menu.

Sending a message

2. Click Messages.

3. Click Write new message.

4. Enter the name of the connection, to whom you want to send the message, in the To field. Names of your connections that match the entered string in the To field will appear in a drop-down. Select the relevant connection from the drop-down. If you want to send this message to multiple connections, then enter their names in the same way in the To field. Multiple names will be separated by commas.

5. Enter the subject of your message in the Subject field and the text of your message in the Message box.

6. You can format your message and embed different types of media files or images in your message. For e.g. click on Insert embedded image to insert an image in your message.

7. Click Choose Files to choose an image from your system.

8. Select an image and click Open.

9. Click Ok to insert the selected image in the message body.

10. Inserted image will appear in the message body.

11. Click Send message to send the message to your connection or click Cancel to cancel this action.

12. A message appears to inform you that message has been sent to your connection.

Reading a message

1. On the Messages listing page, unread messages are highlighted with the text "new" mentioned next to the subject of the message in your inbox. Click on the subject of the message to read the message.

2. Read the message content.

Replying to a message

1. Enter your reply in the Message box that appears below the message.

2. Click Send message to send your reply to the sender of the message.

3. A message appears to inform you that your reply has been sent to the sender of the message.

Deleting messages

1. On the Messages listing page, tick the messages you want to delete.

2. Click Delete.

3. A message appears to inform you that the selected messages has been deleted.

4. In case you want to restore the deleted messages then click on the undone link in the notification pop-up.

Note: If you refresh the page then the notification pop-up will disappear and hence you will not be able to restore the deleted messages.

5. Clicking undone will restore the deleted messages.

Note: Deleting a message from your messages section won't delete it from the sender's list.

Deleting a message after reading it

You can delete an entire message or conversation after reading it.

1. Click Delete.

2. A confirmation message appears; click Delete if you are totally sure. The message will be deleted permanently.

3. A message will appear to inform you that "Message has been deleted".

Note: Keep in mind that once you delete a message, this action can't be undone.

Marking message as read / unread

1. On the Messages listing page, tick the messages you want to mark as Read.

2. From Action menu, select Mark as read.

3. The selected messages will be marked as read. Similarly you can select a read message and mark it as unread.

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