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The Login module provides logged out users to enter their Username and Password and login, edit your profile information or retrieve / reset their password.

This article will guide you on:

Logging into Teamie by using your username and password

1. In this approach you would be required to enter your account's username and password as shown below. alternatively you can also enter your Email in case if you are not aware of username.

a. Login by typing your username and password

2. Enter your Account username and password.

3. Click Login to login to Teamie platform.

Logging into Teamie with your Google account

Note: This option is available only if your institute / organisation has Google Apps enabled.

1. Click Login with your Google account.

b. Login in with your Google account

2. This will bring up the Google gmail login page. Enter your Gmail address and and click Next. Then enter password of your Gmail account.

3. Enter your password and click Sign in.

4. Click Accept to accept the terms of service and privacy policies and proceed.

Note: If you are already logged in to your Gmail account and navigating to your Gmail account,clicking Login with your Google account option, will take you directly to step 4.

5. You are now logged into the Teamie account associated with your Gmail address.

Note: An account must exist on Teamie with your Gmail ID. In case an account does not exist, you will be notified with message, "You don't have an account on this site as yet. You can send an email to the site administrator to let them know." Please contact your site administrator to get this fixed.

Login to Teamie with your Office365 account

Here is video to guide you on how to Login to Teamie with your Office365 account.


Edit Your Profile Information

You can edit your profile information (ex: gender, profile picture, date of birth, first and last name) anytime.

1. Click sliding menu.

Edit Your Profile Information

2. Select Edit Profile.

3. Checking this box and clicking Save button will delete the current picture.

4. Click Choose File.

5. Select an image from your system and click Open.

6. Change your First Name, Last Name and Gender if required.

7. Enter your Date of Birth.

8. Click Save to save the changes you have made.

9. A message appears to inform you that the changes have been saved. Click Back to go back to the previous page.

Note: You will not be able to edit your profile information if administrator has disabled edit access. In such cases you can contact your administrator and ask them to edit/update your profile information if required.

Resetting Password

This section will guide you on how to reset your Teamie account password.

To reset your password, you would need to enter the email address that is registered on Teamie.

1. Click Forgot your password?

2. To reset your password, enter the email that is registered on the site and then click Email password reset link.

3. A notification states that further instruction have been sent to your email address to reset your account password.

4. You'll receive an email to reset your account password. Login to mail account and check mail folder in your email account and click the email which starts with subject as "Replacement login information..."

5. You will see a Reset password link which is valid for one day. The link will expire after one day and nothing will happen if it's not used and you may have to reset the password again next day. Click the link or you can also copy the link and paste it to your browser.

6. A notification confirms that you have successfully validated your email address. Click Log in to change your account password.

7. Enter the new password in password and confirm password.

8. Scroll down on the page and click Save to save the changes. You will be now logged in to the platform. In the future, you can now use the new password to login in to your Teamie site.

Updating your Password

You can update your profile's password from the "Edit Profile" page.

2. On the Edit Profile page, enter your current password in the Current password field.

3. Now, type in the new password that you want for your account in the Password field. A password strength bar will indicate how strong your password is! Stronger passwords are harder to crack, thus making your account more secure.

Tip: To keep your account safe, here are a few tips on how to create a strong password:

  • Add uppercase letters
  • Add numbers
  • Add punctuation

4. Re-type your password in the Confirm password field to confirm your password. This is done to catch any errors made during typing of the new password because you can't see the password while typing it. So, when you confirm the password by typing it twice correctly, you will be able to see the Password match as 'yes'. You can only update your password, if your Password match is a 'yes'.

This way you can rest assured that you have updated the password as per your wish.

5. Click Save at the bottom of the page and your password will be updated.

6. You can use the updated password from the next time onwards when you login to your account.

Reset email not received

If you requested a new password but didn't receive any password reset email then please:

1. Check the spam or junk mail folder in your email account.

2. Try to reset your password again.

3. If you still don't receive the email after requesting a password reset, wait 24 hours and then try again.

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