Exporting Time Spent Report (Learners)

As a learner you can find out the total time spent by you on Teamie. This is done with the help of a time spent report which is generated based on the total time spent by you on lessons, assessments and the newsfeed of all the classrooms that you are part of, since you were added to them. Let's see how this can be done.

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Exporting time spent report on Teamie

1. Click the sliding menu.

2. Click on the profile picture/name to access your profile page.

You can also access your profile page by clicking your profile picture at the top navigation bar and then clicking your profile picture/name.

3. On your profile page, click the ellipsis at the bottom right corner of your profile banner and select Export Time Spent Report from the drop-down list.

4. The export process begins.

5. Once the process is completed (100%), the time spent report will be downloaded onto your system. Click to open the report.

6. The exported report will be in the form of an excel sheet. It will list all your classrooms and the total time spent by you (in hours) in the classrooms, that you are part of, since you were added to them. In addition, if classroom completion is enabled on the site, two new columns will be added to the report Completion Status and Completion Date.

The Time Spent for Lessons, Assessments and Newsfeed is calculated by tracking the amount of time spent in the Lessons, Assessments and Newsfeed pages of the classroom. Click here to know more about how Teamie tracks the time spent by learners on lessons and assessments.

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