Taking Quiz

Learners can take quizzes from the ‘Materials’ screen. All quizzes that need to be taken will have a “TAKE QUIZ” button in front of them. Tapping on this Take Quiz button will take you to the quiz taking screen which, by the way, is very informative.

This article will guide you on:

Taking Quiz

1. Tap Classrooms on the newsfeed screen.

2. Go to Starred, Classrooms or Social groups to navigate to the required classroom and tap Materials > icon to go to the materials (lesson and assessments) listing screen.

3. Tap All Assessments to filter only assessments (Quizzes, Assignments and Offline tests are referred to Assessments).

4. Find an available quiz that you would like to take and tap TAKE QUIZ button.

5. Tapping on TAKE QUIZ button will take you to the quiz landing page where you can see the basic information about the quiz like number of questions, maximum score, number of attempts and so on. To begin the quiz, tap the Start Now button.

6. Complete the quiz as per the instructor's instructions.

There are several different question types (Subjective, Fill in the blank, True-False, One word, match the following and multiple choice questions) in Teamie that your instructor may choose to include in a quiz. You will be able to see the marks for each question next to the question.

7. Attempt a question and tap "Next question" to navigate to the next question. You can also tap on specific questions to jump directly onto that question.

8. Tap Submit/Save and choose any of the action as mentioned in next step.

9. The moment you tap Submit/Save, you will see the following actions to perform:

a). Save and Continue: Choose this action to save your quiz submission as draft. You can come back later to make edits to your previously given answers if need be and submit the quiz for final evaluation.

b). Submit for evaluation: Choose this action to submit the quiz for final evaluation.

c). No, cancel: Choose this action if you want to stay on quiz taking screen.

In this case, we have chosen the Submit for evaluation action.

Note: You will not be able to retake the quiz if your previous attempt has been graded by your instructor. In case, you wish to retake the quiz, then please request your instructor to unpublish the score of your previous attempt or remove your previous attempt.

10. The moment, quiz is submitted for final evaluation, you may get to see the quiz score only if instructor has enabled "View Scores immediately" setting, otherwise you won't be able to see the score until your instructor publishes the score manually. Tap Score button to see the score of each question.

11. Tapping on the Score button will take you to the detailed attempt screen where you would be able to see the score of each question.

12. You can also see the quiz score on the assessment listing screen, once the scores are published.

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