Submitting Assignment

Learners can submit assignment from the ‘Materials’ screen of a classroom. All the assignments that need to be taken will have a “Submit” button in front of them. Tapping on Submit button will take you to the assignment submitting screen which, by the way, is very informative.

This article will guide you on:

Submitting Assignment

1. Tap Classrooms on the newsfeed screen.

2. Go to Starred or Classrooms tab to access the required Classrooms.

3. Tap on Materials tab to view the classroom's materials (lessons and assessments).

4. Tap Expand Section label and then tap All Assessments to filter/view only assessments (Quizzes, Assignments and Offline tests are referred to assessments).

5. Locate the assignment that you wish to submit and tap its SUBMIT button.

6. Tap the INSTRUCTIONS bar to view the assignment's instructions. You can view the following additional details on instructions screen:

  • Maximum score
  • Maximum number of attempts
  • Instructions (if added)
  • File(s) attachments (if added)
  • Rubric (if mapped)
  • Due date (if any)

7. Type in your answer in the given text area to make a textual submission.

In case you have copied text from any other application then the app will automatically suggest to paste the copied text. Tap Paste label to paste the copied text.

8. You may also make file submission if your instructor has allowed learners to make file submissions. To do this, tap the attachment icon on the bottom.

9. Tap "Allow Access to All Photos app" and then select a file from your device and the selected file will be uploaded shortly.

10. Once you have selected a file from your local system, you may annotate it using the Apple pencil. Tap Done after you have added the annotations to go back to the assignment's submitting screen.

11. Repeat this process to upload more attachments from your device.

12. Tap the back navigation icon and then select Save and Continue Later option to save your attempt in draft mode.

In case, the assignment has a due date then the system will automatically submit your draft attempt for final evaluation after the due/deadline has passed.

13. Tap Expand Section and then tap Resume to continue making submission for the assignment.

14. Once you are done with textual / file submission, tap Submit at the top right corner.

15. The moment you choose Submit for evaluation action, you will be prompted that "you are submitting the attempt for evaluation, Once submitted you will not be able to edit the attempt". Tap Submit to continue and Cancel to stay on the assignment submission submitting screen.

16. Upon confirmation, the assignment submission making process initiates and a confirmation message appears once your attempt is submitted for evaluation. In case, multiple submissions are allowed for an assignment, then you can continue making submissions till the maximum number of attempts limit are reached.

You will not be able to retake an assignment if your previous attempt has been graded and the score is published by your instructor. In case, you wish to retake the assignment, then please request your instructor to unpublish the score of your previous attempt or remove your previous attempt.

17. You can view the assignment score once the score has been published by your instructor, on the assessments listing screen. A green tick mark indicates that you have already made submission for an assignment.

18. Tap VIEW MY ATTEMPTS to view the attempts in details along with score, feedback if published by your instructor.

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