Initiating a discussion (Post) from lesson expanded view

Instructors or Learners can initiate a discussion in the form of a thought, question or a task post (learners are not allowed to create task posts) right from the lesson itself. The idea behind this is to initiate a discussion around a lesson.

This article will guide you on:

Initiating a discussion (Post) from lesson expanded view

1. Tap Classrooms menu option on the newsfeed screen.

2. Tap on the required classroom/social group from the Starred, Classrooms or Social Groups tab.

You may also tap on the Materials > icon of a classroom / social group to directly navigate to see the list of its lessons and assessments.

3. Tap Materials to see the list of sections.

4. Tap EXPAND SECTION to see the list of lessons and assessments of the selected section.

Tip: You can also filter all the lessons of the classroom by using the "All Lessons" filter.

5. Tap See More link to see the full description of a section. Tap See Less to hide this view.

6. Tap Discussion button to initiate a discussion. In this case, a post will be created and tagged with the lesson named "Laws of thermodynamics".

7. Select the Post type (Thought, Question or Task).

Note: Learners are not allowed to create a task post.

8. In the post sharing form, you will notice that the classroom to which the lesson belongs to, has been selected by default and the lesson is automatically tagged in the post.

9. Enter the post text.

10. Tap the "attachment" icon to add attachment(s) from a plethora of attachment options.

11. Tap the "POST" icon at the top-right corner of the screen. The moment you tap on post icon, the post creation process starts and your post will be shared shortly.

12.  Once the post is shared successfully, the discussion counter gets updated to reflect the exact number of posts that have the lesson as a tagged resource.

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