Starring a classroom / social group

As an instructor or a learner, you might be part of many classrooms / social groups. On the Classrooms / Social Groups screen on the Teamie app, classrooms / social groups are sorted in an alphabetical order and therefore accessing such classrooms that you visit frequently can become a tedious job.

So to make this simpler and faster, we have introduced the concept of Starred classrooms or social groups.

The Starred feature allows you to star a specific Classroom or Social group so that you can quickly access them later. Starred classrooms/social groups will appear in a new tab named 'Starred'.

This article will guide you on:

Starring a classroom / social group

1. Tap Classrooms tab on the newsfeed screen.

2. All your starred classrooms/social groups will be shown under the Starred tab.

3. In case, you have not starred any Classroom or Social Group, then you can tap on Classrooms or Social Groups tab to star a Classroom / Social Group. On the Classroom / Social group tab, tap the "star" icon of the classroom that you wish to star. Tapping the Star icon initiates the starring Classroom / Social Group action.

The classroom / social group will be starred shortly and the star icon will get highlighted with yellow colour. Once a Classroom / Social group is starred, it will start showing up in the "Starred" tab.

  • The starred Classrooms / Social groups will also appear under the "Classrooms / Social Groups" tab.
  • You can 'star' any number of Classrooms / Social Groups.

4. To unstar a classroom / social Group, tap the star icon again to unstar the required Classroom / Social Group.

5. You may also go to Starred tab and tap the star icon to unstar the required Classroom / Social Group.

6. The selected Classroom / Social Group will be unstarred shortly and stop appearing in the Starred tab.

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