Editing Profile

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Editing Profile

1. Tap the More menu option at the bottom right corner of the screen.

2. On the "Profile & More" screen, tap Edit Profile.

3. The "Edit profile" screen opens. To change the email address and set a new password, enter the current password and then start updating your email address and new password.

Note: In case your Teamie site is configured with Google SSO (Single sign on) method, then you won't be able to change your password and email address.

4. To change the language, tap on a language shown in the list.

Note: This is a custom field and may not be visible on your Teamie site.

5. On the Edit Profile screen, tap Delete Picture checkbox to delete the current profile picture. Tap Choose File and select a new profile image from your mobile device to upload a new profile picture.

6. Change your First, Middle, Last Name and Gender, if required.

Note: Few of the fields may not be editable and it would be restricted by your site administrator.

7. Tap the "Time zone" drop down and select the required time zone in case you wish to change your time zone.

Once you are done with updating your profile information, tap Save to save the changs.

8. Tap Done to exit the Edit profile screen.

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