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Administrators will be able to open classrooms / modules for subordinates (could be either learner or instructor) to enrol in them. That being said, admins will have comprehensive control over the enrolment process. They can either open a classroom to allow subordinates to enrol without any need of approval or they can open a classroom in which subordinates enrolment requests would need approval from their supervisors, before they are enrolled in that classroom. Hence, when an administrator will open classrooms / modules for enrolment with approval, they will be assigning supervisors to subordinates. Supervisors will approve/reject their subordinates enrolment requests.

As a supervisor,  you will also be able to view the list of all your subordinates and their classrooms/modules. You can also filter the subordinates and their modules from the different filters present on the Modules page and accept/reject their enrolment requests or send emails to them.


Enrol - The process of a user being added to a classroom / module which is open for enrolment.

Approval - The action performed by a supervisor of approving their subordinates’ enrolment request to enrol in a classroom.

Subordinate - The person who enrols in a classroom that is open for self-enrolment.

Supervisor - A supervisor is assigned to a subordinate to approve his/her enrolment requests for “Approved Self-enrolment” classrooms.

Once a user is enrolled in a classroom,  he/she will be assigned the "learner" role by default.

This article will guide you on:

Viewing the summary of your subordinates

The Summary tab on the Subordinates page will show the details of the linked supervisors along with their primary identifiers. And any meta fields linked to their profiles will also be shown. In case the credits feature is enabled on the site, then the credits achieved and total available credits information will also be displayed on subordinates cards.

1. Open the sidebar and click Subordinates.

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2. The Summary tab will open by default.  It will have the list of all the subordinates assigned to you along with their details, such primary identifier and user meta fields, if any along with the details of the credits achieved by the subordinates out of the set credit target.

In case any enrolment requests are pending for a subordinate, it will also be shown on the Summary page.

Filtering the Summary page

1. Click the Show only users who have not met their Credits target checkbox to filter the subordinates who have not met their credit target (if 'credits' feature is enabled on your site).

2. Type the required subordinates name in the Name search field to filter the required subordinate.

3. Similarly, you can search subordinates on the basis of their email and any available metafields (such as Department).

Sending email to your subordinates

2. Hover over a subordinates card. A select icon will be shown, click it to select the subordinate.

3. Similarly, you can select other subordinates or click Select all to send email to all your subordinates.

4. Click Send Email.

5. Enter subject and body of the email and click Send Email.

6. Email will be sent to the subordinates.

Viewing the modules of your subordinates

2. Click the Modules tab.

3. The list of all your subordinates and their classrooms/modules will be listed on this page along with the classrooms in which their membership is still pending.

4. You can filter the subordinates and their modules from the different filters present on the Modules page, such as the classrooms' completion status and the subordinates' membership status in that classroom.

You can also access the modules of a subordinate by clicking the View modules link on their card from the Summary page.

You can also view the number of pending enrolment requests of any subordinate right from their card view. 

Approving subordinates' enrolment requests

You can also view the number of pending enrolment requests of any subordinate right from their card view. 

1. Click Sliding menu.

2. Click Approve Enrol Requests.

3. The Modules page will open up with the Pending filter applied for the Membership Status dropdown. All your subordinates' pending enrolment requests will be listed here.

4. Click the checkbox for the required enrolment request of a subordinate.

You can also click the Select to do bulk operations checkbox in case you wish to select the enrolment requests of all the subordinates at once.

5. Click the Approve Enrol Requests button to accept the subordinate's classroom enrolment request for the required classroom.

6. A confirmation message appears and the user will be enrolled to the classroom.

Once a user is enrolled to a classroom,  he/she will be assigned the "learner" role by default.

7. Similarly, you can click the Reject Enrol Requests button to deny the subordinate's enrolment request.

Once rejected, the subordinate will have the option to enrol again to the same classroom.

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