Setting Up Self-Enrolment Classrooms

When a classroom / module is open for self-enrolment, any user on the site can go to the classroom view and view it's about page. For classrooms without self-enrolment, the about page is visible only for users who are a member of that classroom. As an administrator, you can edit a classroom and set its enrolment type and also assign supervisors to subordinates (supervisors will be responsible for approving or declining enrolment requests from their subordinates). The three types of self-enrolment that can be set for a classroom are:

  1. No Self-enrolment
  2. Automatic Self-enrolment
  3. Approved Self-enrolment


Enrol - The process of a user being added to a classroom / module which is open for enrolment

Approval - The action performed by a supervisor of approving their subordinates’ enrolment request to enrol in a classroom.

Subordinate - The person who enrols in a classroom that is open for self-enrolment.

Supervisor - A supervisor is assigned to a subordinate to approve his/her enrolment requests for “Approved Self-enrolment” classrooms.

Once a user is enrolled in a classroom,  he/she will be assigned the "learner" role by default.

This article will guide you on:

Setting classroom's enrolment type

1. Click Sliding menu.

2. Under Manage Teamie section, click Classrooms and then choose Manage Classrooms.

3. Click Edit to set / update a classroom's enrolment type setting.

4. On the Classroom edit page, you will see a field "Enrol Type". Under this drop-down field, you will see three enrolment types:

a) No Self-enrolment: This is the Teamie's default workflow where subordinate's will be added/enrolled in the classrooms using Manage People option provided on the Classrooms listing page.

b) Automatic Self-enrolment (no approval needed):  This means any user can enrol to the classroom at any point in time without any need of approval. Also, any member of such classroom(s) can also un-enrol from the classroom(s) as per their wish.

Automatic self-enrolment allows quick registration in a classroom and thus saves time. Users can easily enrol in the classrooms of their liking and keep learning.

c) Approved Self-enrolment (approval needed): This means any user can enrol to the classroom at any point in time, but will become a member only after their supervisor(s) approve their enrolment request. Any member of such classroom(s) can un-enrol from the classroom(s) as per their wish.

Until the enrolment request is approved, users will only be able to access the “About” page of the classroom

5. Click the Enrol type field and select the enrol type from the drop-down list for this classroom.

Note: No-self enrolment is the default setting.

6. Once the enrol type is set for a classroom, enter the start and end date. The classroom will only be available between these dates on the “View Class Catalogue” page for self-enrolment.

Note: If you select the Enrol Type as automatic or approved and do not set the start date, then the classroom will be available for self-enrolment immediately after you save the changes. Similarly, if the end date is not set, the classroom will be available for self-enrolment indefinitely.

7. Click Save to save the changes.

8. Once the save process is completed, the changes you have made will be saved and you will be redirected to the classroom landing page.

9. Similarly, you can set enrolment type for other classrooms by visiting classroom's editing page.

Assigning Supervisors to subordinate

As an administrators, you will assign supervisors for each of their subordinates. Supervisors will be responsible for approving or declining enrolment requests from their subordinates.

1. Click Sliding menu.

2. Under Manage Teamie section, click People and then choose Manage People.

3. Search the user for which you wish to assign a "supervisor". This user is referred to as a "subordinate".  The assigned supervisor(s) will approve their subordinates' self - enrolment requests.

4. Click Edit to view user's edit profile page.

5. Scroll down the edit profile page and look for the "Supervisors" field. Type in the "Username" of the supervisor in the text box and an auto-complete list will appear, select the user from the list who will act as Supervisor for approving the classroom enrolment requests of this user.

Repeat step 5 to assign more than one "supervisor" for a single user.

6. Click Save to save the changes.

7. A message appears to inform you that the changes have been saved. The supervisor(s) will be assigned to the user.

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