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As a learner, you can easily take a quiz by accessing the quiz taking page of a quiz. In Teamie, you will see one question at a time on the quiz taking page. Depending on how your instructor set has up the quiz, if you are unable to finish a quiz, you may save it as draft and resume it at a later time.

This article will guide you on:

Taking a quiz

1. On the home page, hover over a classroom and click Materials.

2. On the materials listing page, click the Take button of the quiz that you will take.

3. Read instructions, if any, on the top of quiz taking page carefully. On the quiz taking page, you will see the basic information about the quiz, such as, the number of questions, maximum marks, maximum number of attempts allowed, weightage (if the quiz is summative), and the From and Due on date (if any) for the quiz.

You can also view the quiz instructions and info on its attempt page.

4. Click the Start Now button on the quiz taking page once you are ready to take the quiz.

If any quiz has a deadline attached to it, then there will be no draft submissions pending after that. If you start to make the submission, then the system will automatically submit the attempts on their behalf when the deadline ends, if you have not already submitted on your own. In order to keep you aware of this deadline auto submission, you would be shown the appropriate message at the required locations.

5. By default, one question is shown on each page. In the following scenario, enter your answer for the fill in the blank question.

6. Click on the question number or Next question > button to view and attempt the next available question.

Note: You may access any question on the page, if not restricted by the quiz setting as set by your instructor.

7. Select an answer from the given choices for a multiple choice question.

In case, learners are allowed to select multiple options for a given multiple choice question, then radio buttons will be replaced by checkboxes.

8. To answer the match the following question, make the correct match by selecting an option from Column 1 and then selecting its correct match from Column 2.

9. In case, you wish to make any changes in the match the following options, click "X" icon and then select the correct match. Click the Next question > button to view next question.

10. Enter your answer for one word question and click Next question > button.

11. For open ended or subjective question, instructor may allow learners to make textual, file and/or audio submissions. In this scenario, learners are allowed to add attchment in any of the following four ways:

  1. File Attachment - you can upload files from you local system.
  2. Audio recording - you record audio using your device or any connected microphone.
  3. Paste a link attachment - you can directly paste the URL of the resource which would be considered as a submission.
  4. OneDrive - In case, your Teamie site is integrated with OneDrive, then you would be able to embed document from the OneDrive account.
  5. Google Drive - In case, your Teamie site is configured with Google SSO, then you would be able to embed document from the Google drive account.

12. Type in your answer for adding textual entry to your open ended question.

13. Answer the True/False question by selecting the right option.

14. Before submitting the quiz for final evaluation or grading, you can consider reviewing your answers. To review the given answer of any question, click the question number on top of the quiz taking page.

Note: You can also use < Previous / Next question > buttons provided at the bottom of quiz taking page to review your answers.

15. After reviewing your answers, click Submit for evaluation button at the top right corner of the quiz taking page to submit the quiz for evaluation.

16. In case, you wish to save your submission as draft, then click the drop-down arrow and select Save & Continue later and your attempt will be saved as draft for you to submit later.

17. To submit your draft attempt for evaluation, click Resume Attempt button of that quiz on the Materials page.

In case the deadline of the quiz (if set) is passed, then you will not able to resume your submission and your attempt will not be submitted for evaluation.

18. Click Resume on the quiz taking page.

19. Click Submit for evaluation button at the top right corner of the quiz taking page.

20. You will see a prompt to confirm your submission. Click Yes, submit to confirm and make the submission. Click No, cancel to go back to the quiz taking page.

21. You will see a confirmation message stating that the quiz has been submitted successfully.

Points to remember:

a. While making the submissions, once there is 30 seconds left in the deadline of the assessment, then a timer will flash at an interval of 2 seconds to make the learner aware of the imminent submission.

b. Once the deadline passes, the system will show an auto-submission message to the user before saving and submitting the attempt for evaluation. Any questions left unanswered will remain that way and the submission will be graded accordingly.

c. In case, learners click the Save & Continue later button to submit at a later stage, they will be prompted regarding the auto-submission of their attempt on passing of the deadline.

d. In case the deadline passes when the learner is not on the quiz taking screen, then the system will submit the attempt in the background. This attempt will be distinguished as auto submission in the classrooms Activity Stream and users Recent activities log as following:

e. The aforementioned will apply to the timed quizzes as well with the addition of a reverse time which will start as soon as the learner starts the attempt.

f. As soon as the time ends as per the timer, the quiz attempt will be automatically submitted, if not already done by the learner.

In case the timed quiz has a deadline, then the time limit of the quiz will respect its deadline. For instance, if the deadline is 03:00 PM for a 30 minute time quiz and the learner starts the quiz at 02:45 PM, then the time limit will be decreased to 15 minutes in order to accommodate the 03:00 PM deadline.

Similarly, if late submission is allowed for a quiz, then the late submission time will be added to the deadline. The system will only auto-submit the attempt once the late submission duration is passed.

Viewing your quiz attempts

1. On the home page, hover over a classroom and click Materials.

2. On the materials listing page, click View My Attempts button of the required quiz.

3. Clicking View My Attempts button will take you to the view submission page where you can see your attempt in detail.

4. Click Attempts drop-down to see a particular attempt in case you have made multiple submissions to the quiz.

Checking the attempt considered for grading

2. On the view submission page, you will see the attempt information which has been considered for grading (in case of multiple attempts). In this case, second submission has been considered for grading by the instructor.

Note: By default, system considers the most recent attempt for grading.

Viewing quiz score

2. You can view your mark at the top right corner of the view submission page.

You will be able to see the mark of the required quiz on the materials listing page as well.

System also sends a bulletin board notification to the learners whenever an instructor publishes the mark.

Viewing comments posted by the instructor

2. On the view submission page, you will see the comment(s) added by your instructor as feedback at right hand side below the Mark section.

You can view the questions' feedback added by instructor while attempting the quiz (if the View Correct Answers setting is set for 'After attempting each question') and also after submitting their attempt for evaluation by clicking 'View My Attempts'.

3. You will also receive a bulletin board notification whenever an instructor post the comment(s) on your submission.

System also sends a bulletin board notification to the learners whenever an instructor publishes the comment.

Adding comments

2. On the view submission page, to add textual comment, enter text in the Enter your comment here text box.

3. Add your textual comment.

4. Click the microphone icon to record audio comment.

6. Click Allow button to authorize the browser to access your system's microphone. This is one time process.

7. Click Record button to record the audio comment.

8. Click Stop when you are done recording your audio comment.

9. You may click Play icon to playback the recorded audio comment, before submitting your comment.

10. Hover over the comment and click Delete icon to delete the recorded audio comment and record the new audio, if required.

Please note, you won't be able to delete the comment(s) added by your instructor.

11. Click Submit to add the comment (textual or audio or both) to your attempt.

12. Your comment would be added and visible to the instructor. Click the Delete icon to delete the added comment.

Comments will be organized chronologically, older comments would be appearing at the top and recent comments would be appearing at the bottom.

Viewing quiz score from Gradebook page

1. On the home page, hover over a classroom and click Gradebook.

2. Gradebook is the place where learners can view assessments score and grades, once they are published by the instructor.


Q1: I have attempted a quiz which has auto evaluated questions, but I can not see the score obtained in that quiz. Where can I view the quiz score?

A: This is possible if your instructor has enabled "View score to the learners when score are published" setting for a quiz. Due to this reason, you may not  see the quiz score instantly. You can see the quiz score once your instructor publish it.

Q2: I received a bulletin board notification confirming that the score has been published. However, when I accessed my quiz, I don't see any score. How can I view the score?

A: You may not see the quiz score, in case, if your instructor has unpublished the quiz score. And you will only see the score once the score are published again.

Q3: I received a bulletin board notification confirming that the feedback has been published. But, when I accessed the view submission page of the quiz, there was no feedback comments. How can I view instructor's feedback comment added to my submission?

A: If your instructor has unpublished the comment then you will not see the comment on the view submission page of the quiz until the comments are published again.

Q4: I am trying to retake a quiz, but unable to do so. What am I doing wrong?

A: System will not allow you to retake a quiz if any of your previous attempt has been graded and score are published by your instructor.

Let us understand this in detail:

An instructor has created a quiz and allowed learners to make multiple attempts (for example, learner can make to up to 5 attempts).

Now, let's assume, you made first three attempts and yet has chance to make another two attempts. In the meantime, your instructor has graded any one of your previous attempts and published its score. In this scenario, you will not be able to retake the quiz even when the maximum number of attempts value is not yet reached. Because, once score are published, you can not retake the quiz. To make another attempt, you may request your instructor to unpublish your score. This way, you will be allowed to retake the quiz.

Help Videos

You can take quizzes from the ‘Materials’ page. All quizzes that need to be taken will have a “Take Now” button in front of them. You can also take quizzes from your To-Dos section. In either scenario, you will land on a brand new Quiz taking page which, by the way, is very informative.

Checkout the following video to know how can you to take quizzes in Dash on your desktop and mobile devices.

We have also added one important quiz setting which will enable you to view correct answers after attempting each question. Checkout the following video to know more:

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