Taking Assignments

Learners can take assignments from the Materials screen. All the assignments that need to be taken will have a TAKE ASSIGNMENT button. Tapping on the TAKE ASSIGNMENT button will take you to the assignment taking screen which, by the way, is very informative.

This article will guide you on:

Taking an assignment from the Teamie Android app

1. Access the section which has the required assignment that you wish to take.

You can also filter all the assessments in a classroom to easily find the required assignment that you wish to take.

2. On the assignment card view, you will be able to see basic information about the assignment, such as, the date from which it is available to the learners, its due date, the number of attempts available for learners to attempt and the maximum score. Tap the TAKE ASSIGNMENT button of the available assignment that you wish to take.

3. The assignment taking page opens. The following mode of submission appears as set by your instructors:

  • File submission - To allow you to upload files while making a submission. An additional option for audio recorder can be enabled by your instructor to allow you to upload an audio file for the submission.
  • Text - To allow learner to type out their answers. Your instructor can set a limit on the number of characters or words that will be allowed for the submission.
  • One Drive and/or Google Drive submission- To allow you to upload a Google Drive and/or One Drive file for the submission, in case these integrations are enabled on your Teamie site.

4. In this case, we are making a textual submission. To make a textual submission, type in your answer in the given text area.

5. Once you are done with textual / file submission, scroll up and choose any one of the action from the drop dow menu:

  1. Submit for evaluation: Choose this action when you are sure and want to submit your submission for final evaluation or grading.
  2. Save & Continue later: Choose this action to save your submission in draft mode. You can come back later and make edits to your draft submission and submit it for final evaluation.

In this case, we have chosen the Submit for evaluation action.

You cannot come back later to make edits to your previously given answers for a draft assignment if the due date of the assignment has passed.

6. The moment you choose Submit for evaluation action, you will be prompted that "you are submitting this attempt for evaluation and once submitted, you will not be able to edit your attempt". Tap Yes, submit to continue and No, cancel to stay on the assignment submission screen.

7. On tapping the Yes, submit button, the assignment submission making process initiates and a confirmation message appears once your attempt is submitted for evaluation. In case, multiple submissions are allowed for an assignment, then you can continue making submissions till the maximum number of attempts limit are reached.

You will not be able to retake the assignment if your previous attempt has been graded and the scores are published by your instructor. In case, you wish to retake the assignment, then please request your instructor to unpublish the score of your previous attempt or remove your previous attempt.

8. You can view the assignment score once the score has been published by your instructor on the assessments listing screen (in the following case, the scores are not yet published by the instructor). Green tick mark indicates that you have already made submission for an assignment.

You can also view your previous attempts from the assignment card view on the assessments listing screen / section screen.

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