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The classroom Up Next feature assists learners in checking their progression in a classroom. This feature also help learners track and navigate to the next material they are supposed to consume in a classroom. The Up Next materials are the materials (lesson, online quizzes and assignments) that are ordered on the materials view by your instructors. Once you completely read / take a material, your next material on the Materials page will become your Up Next material.

In case your instructor has set a material as the current material, then that material will become your Up Next material and will remain as your Up Next material until your instructor un-mark it as the current material of the classroom.

The Up Next material will be shown on the classroom listing screen as well as on the Materials screen of a classroom. Let's see how you can view and access your Up Next materials from the lesson listing screen.

An instructor can mark a published material (lesson or assessment) as the current material and that material will remain open by default for all learners on the Materials page of the classroom. This way when instructors are teaching a lesson or assessment, learners will have faster access to it. We like to call this workflow as "Currently Teaching".

This article will guide you on:

Viewing "Up Next" materials from the classroom listing screen

You can also access the starred classrooms and social groups for checking Up Next materials there.

2. The classroom card will have a footer view where the Up Next material will be listed.

3. Tap the Up Next material to directly access that material. For example, if the Up Next material is a lesson, then tapping on it will take you directly to its landing screen.

If any classroom doesn't have any Up Next material (in case you have read / took every material and there is no 'current' material set by your instructor), then the footer view of that classroom's card will be empty.

Viewing "Up Next" materials from a classroom's materials screen

2. You will be able to see an UP NEXT banner aligned at the bottom of the materials page along with the Up Next material name. Tap on the banner to directly access that material similar to how it behaved on the classroom listing screen.

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