Classroom Leaderboard

Teamie leaderboard is a tab in a module / classroom where all the learners are ranked according to the Teamie points they have received in that module / classroom. Each classroom has its own leaderboard.

This article will guide you on:

Accessing leaderboard of a classroom

1. Click the required classroom on the homepage.

2. By default, you will land on the Post tab of the classroom. To access Leaderboard page, click ellipses (...) and then click on Leaderboard tab.

3. You will land on the classroom leaderboard page. Here all the learners of the classroom will be ranked on the basis of the total Teamie points they have earned in the classroom.

To know the criteria of receiving points in Teamie, click here.

Teamie points earned in all your classrooms

As a learner, you can see the Teamie points earned by you in all your classrooms at one place, i.e. on your profile page.

1. Go to your profile page by clicking the sliding navigation bar and then click your profile name to view your profile. You can also click your profile picture at the right top corner of your screen and then click your name to view your profile.

The total of Teamie points earned by you in all your classrooms will be mentioned alongside you profile name.

You can also click the profile picture at the top navigation bar to see the total points earned by you in all your classrooms.

2. Your profile page will open. Under the Classroom Participation section, Teamie points of all the classrooms, that you are part of, will be mentioned alongside their names.

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