Downloading any lesson

As an administrator, you can download any lesson of any classroom on Teamie. You do not have to be part of a classroom in order to download / export its lessons. Let's see how you can do this.

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Downloading any lesson

1. Click the sliding (three bars) navigation bar and then click Manage Classrooms & Social Groups under the Manage Teamie section.

'Classrooms' is a whitelabelled term used for 'Modules, Programs, Batches, Subject, Groups and so on'. And whitelabelled terms can vary from site to site.

2. Select Manage Classrooms & Social Groups.

3. On the Classrooms & Social Groups listing page, use the filters to search for the required classroom from where you wish to download lesson(s).

4. Click the Classroom Title link to open the classroom landing page in a new tab.

5. Click the Materials tab to see the list of lessons and assessments created in that classroom.

6. Click Lessons tab to filter the list of all the lessons present in that classroom across all sections.

7. Now, you can download the lesson by first clicking the gear icon either from its expanded view or from its list / card view and then selecting the Download option.

8. Export process will start.

9. Once the export process is completed, a zip file for the lesson will be downloaded for you to access your lesson outside of Teamie.

10. The zip file will have the index.html file as the main file, which you can open to view the lesson description and its table of contents with clickable lesson page links.

11. Each page will have a HTML file for itself and all the items listed linearly as per the original lesson. Each item will have the corresponding title, media (if any), and the description. Images, videos (including the embedded videos), and audio will be shown inline. Also, documents uploaded in a lesson page will be linked to the attached file. In order to keep the look and feel of the exported lesson, as close as possible to the original lesson, the items will also be styled with themes as set on Teamie.

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